Youngsters shine as A-Grade wins

Dylan Brockbernd was one of the youngsters who was strong against Collegians.

It was in the middle of the third quarter on Saturday at Dalkeith Oval and the ball went through the hands of three emerging North Beach players.

Jack McIntosh gathered between half-back and wing, kicked it to Oskar Tothill, who then found Shannon Lucassen. It was the most satisfying aspect of a satisfying day for the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade against Collegians.

There was an expectation the Beach would win, but it was more about how that victory might be achieved. And the performances of those three players, in addition to Lachlan Scurria, Dylan Brockbernd and Matt Murray was as much a reason to be excited as a convincing 70-point win.

All played their role in a victory that was never in doubt, the verve and energy of the Beach – combined with a significant dose of class – saw the ladder leaders maintain their unbeaten record with a 15.16 (106) to 5.6 (36).

A perfectionist might have wanted a bigger margin, more commensurate with the dominance in play, but that would be greedy.

The class came from the likes of experienced campaigners James Garcia, Dan Leishman, Andrew McGuinness, Ned Halley, Kyle Cranley, Ryan Ekert and Nic Reid, but in reality it was a game where virtually every North Beach player won their position.

It was a similar tale in the Lifenet A-Reserves who coasted to a similar victory – 17.9 (111) to 6.4 (40) – as they took greater advantage of scoring opportunities.

Players were thrust into varying roles, but experienced players like Dion Cownie, Tim Edwards and Beau Witheridge through the midfield, Liam Catalfamo across half-back and Nathan Adler and Ben Johnson up forward caused all manner of angst for the Blues.

Nick and Chris Wells, Jackson Martino, George McColgan and Alex Thomspon were also strong contributors, while Jordan Webster finished off some good work with three goals.

To be fair, it would be possible to go through the entire team list and suggest each of the North Beach players contributed in a game that was one-sided.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts were expected to confront the biggest challenge and that proved the case as they were out-played by Collegians, particularly in the first half.

There were several mature young men in the Collegians line-up and it didn’t help running into them on a day when the WAFL had a bye. Several fringe Claremont players drifted back, among them Zac Mainwaring, who proved a handful when he kicked a handful of goals.

The Beach, however, chipped away and were far more competitive after the main break with players like Kobi Martin, Justin Prior, Codi Sawyer and Rhys Irvine doing all they could top inspire their teammates.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       3.4          7.10        11.14     15.16     106
Collegians            2.1          2.2           2.4          5.6          36
Goals – North Beach: Ekert 4; Lucassen, Brockbernd, Gill 2; Lamont, Scurria, Garcia, Tothill, Leishman.
Best – North Beach: Garcia, Leishman, Ekert, McIntosh, Halley, Reid, McGuinness, Gill.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       4.2          9.4          15.7        17.9        111
Collegians            3.1          4.2            4.3          6.4          40
Goals – North Beach: C Wells, Webster, Adler 3; Edwards, Johnson 2; Catalfamo, Swain, Cownie, Wells.
Best – North Beach: Cownie, Catalfamo, Adler, Edwards, Martino, Witheridge.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
Collegians            4.2          8.4          9.11        10.15     75
North Beach       1.1          1.2          2.2            4.4        28
Goals – North Beach: McAdam 2; O’Shea, Sawyer.
Best – North Beach: Martin, Prior, Sawyer, Irvine, Coleman, Rose.

Strong performances all round

Results, July 18
O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       3.3          3.4          5.8          11.10     76
Collegians            3.0          4.3          4.6            4.7        31
Goals – North Beach: Holbrook 3; Lamont, McGuinness 2; Cranley, Ekert, Dwyer.
Best – North Beach: Deegan, Symonds, McGuinness, Lamont, Piggott, Hoskins, Leishman.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       1.3          4.5          8.6          9.8          62
Collegians            0.0          0.0          0.0          0.2            2
Goals – North Beach: Johnson 4; Cownie 2; Boylan, Brooks, Foley.
Best – North Beach: Swain, Bowe, Boylan, Sweeny, Foley, Murray, Edwards, Wells.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
Collegians 9.5 (59) def North Beach 8.5 (53)
Best – North Beach: Scurria, Thompson, Webster, Martino, Egan.

Hybrid Linings C5-Grade
North Beach 13.7 (85) def Armadale 5.4 (34)
Goals – North Beach: Zehnder, Sawyer 3; Wickstein 2.
Best – North Beach: Wickstein, Marsh, Black, Zehnder, Clapham, Collins.

Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves
North Beach       3.8          11.12     15.18     24.23     167
Armadale            0.0            0.0          0.0           0.0           0
Goals – North Beach: Orford, Dwyer, Steel 4; Rollo, Quinn 3; Acott 2; Bowden, Campbell, Bryce, Davis.
Best – North Beach: Davis, Dwyer, Merson, Orford, Bryce.

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
North Beach 7.8 (50) def Collegians 6.4 (40)
Goals – North Beach: Farrell 2; Jolley, Bateup, Gardiner, Saunders, Dewar.
Best – North Beach: Hunt, Thompson, McLeod, Gardiner, Butko.

Beyond Tools C4-Grade
Manning 21.13 (139) def North Beach 4.4 (28)
Goals – North Beach: Bramley, Cooper 2.
Best – North Beach: Evans, Bramley, Dodd, Orr-Young, Sullivan.

GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves
Manning 8.6 (54) def North Beach 7.3 (45)

Prestige Ceilings A-Grade women
University 4.4 (28) def North Beach 3.2 (20)
Best – North Beach: Sainty, Anderson, Pianto, Ball, Lyndsay, Holden, Hongell.

Peak Body C3-Grade women
University 6.5 (41) def University 2.1 (13)
Goals – North Beach: Power, Woolcott.
Best – North Beach: Mark, Davies, O’Connor, Pianto, Koh.

Grange Residential Integrated
CBC Fremantle Green 5.7 (37) def North Beach 5.2 (32)

Beach powers to victory

Victory did not come without a degree of anxiety, but the O-Rourke Realty A-Grade North Beach outfit won consecutive matches when they over-ran Collegians at Charles Riley Reserve on Saturday.

Trailing by five points at half-time, the throng of life members  and past premiership heroes gathered in the social hall might have been a little concerned, but after adjusting structure, attitude and efficiency it was one-way traffic after the long break.

The Beach kicked eight unanswered goals to win by 45 points – 11.10 (76) to 4.7 (31).

Similar to the way they started the season, posting seven successive goals in the last term against Trinity Aquinas, North Beach was irresistible in the second half.

In this abbreviated season everything matters; winning, percentage, man management. You name it.

So after two rounds the Beach sits on top of the ladder and just as there were some similarities in the team performance from round one to the second instalment so, too, were there consistencies in the individuals who drove it.

Mitch Holbrook kicked three goals in consecutive matches, Joey Deegan won the Gary Tait Medal as best afield, Blake Piggott and Sam Lamont were damaging through the midfield, Dan Leishman provided great offence from defence and Luke Symonds was a rock in the back half.

Andrew McGuinness made a conscious effort to step it up when the Beach needed it most, while Craig Hoskins and James Garcia continue to impress.

The Beach also unveiled another impressive graduate from the victorious 2019 colts line-up, Judd Clinch showing he had the attributes to contribute at the highest level of amateur football.

The Lifenet A-Reserves again dominated their opposition, posting a commanding 60-point victory against Collegians.

Led by a mix of experience and rising youth, the Beach controlled the match to win 9.8 (62) to 0.2.

Adam Swain was dominant through the middle with Conor Boylan, a key figure in last year’s colts flag, while association best and fairest Nic Bowe and Tim Edwards were also in good form.

Ben Sweeny, Sean Foley and Matt Murray also continue to press their claims while Ben Johnson was again a solid focal point up forward, kicking four goals.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts lost an entertaining contest with some quality football produced by both sides before Collegians endured 9.5 (59) to 8.5 (53).

Lachlan Scurria and Alex Thompson were impressive through the midfield, while Jackson Martino and Dane Webster were solid in defence.

In a physical contest at Gwynne Park, the class and skill of the Hybrid Linings C5-Grade shone through, North Beach eventually eking out a quality 51-point victory – 13.7 (85) to 5.4 (34).

Tully Wickstein was outstanding, setting the benchmark through the midfield while Nick Marsh, Jayden Black, Ryan Clapham and Brendan Collins were also solid throughout.

Sam Zehnder and Blake Sawyer were also strong targets up forward kicking three goals apiece.

The depth of the North Beach senior list was emphasised in the C5-Reserves, with the Coast to Coast Imports North Beach outfit piecing together a flawless performance during which Armadale failed to hit the scoreboard.

At the same time North Beach piled on 24.23 (167) with Tom Orford and Ernest Dwyer at the forefront with Jack Steel, all of whom kicked four goals, while Mason Rollo and Brayden Quinn also impacted the scoreboard with three goals apiece.

Jack Merson and Caleb Davis were also prominent in a wonderful team performance.

The Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts produced a stunning performance against Collegians at Dalkeith Oval.

The home team kicked four goals straight in the blink of an eye to start the game and were dominating all over the park. A remarkable goal from debutant Zach Farrell gave the Beach some hope going into the quarter time break but there was still a lot of work to do to turn things around.

The injection of Mitchell Hunt and Lachie McLeod into the guts steadied the ship in the second term as clearances and goals started to flow. A brilliant fight back and fierce determination around the ball left North Beach trailing by only five points at half time.

Lachie Gardiner sold candy to two would be tacklers and snapped brilliantly to kick the opening goal of the third term as North Beach lifted to yet another gear with Jared Thompson providing plenty of creativity off half back.

From then on our boys didn’t look back and silenced the Collegians bench with a brilliant display of hard, contested footy. One of the best wins – 7.8 (50) to 6.4 (40) – for the Brett Jones Colts in the last couple of years.

The Beyond Tools C4-Grade fell away after a competitive start against Manning but should be commended for their efforts.

The North Beach fifth grade side was combating Manning’s senior team and it is a common occurrence this year with the way the lower grade competitions are structured, with fewer nominations for teams at that level.

Novak Smith and his team will continue to punch above their weight and despite losing 4.4 (28) to 21.13 (139), never surrendered. That fighting spirit was exemplified by Michael Dodd, James Sullivan, Owen Orr-Young and Michael Bramley.

The GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves were obviously against the second 22 from Manning and were highly competitive, falling by just nine points.

The Prestige Ceilings A-Grade women lost their first game of the season, despite one of their best performances – falling to University 3.2 (20) to 4.4 (28).

With a number of players playing two games, the Beach tired a little at the end after keeping  University scoreless  in the first quarter and adding only one point in the second.

The change came in the third quarter with a handful of senior Uni players lifting. In the end the Beach fell by eight points, but are confident it will make this team a stronger outfit.

Emily Sainty played ruck all day without a single break and was outstanding while similar efforts came from Tessa Anderson, Ash Pianto Steph Ball delivered a great captain’s knock.

Lexi Lindsay was a focal point up forward and the back-line was held together by Kellie Holden, with another great effort coming from Olivia Hongell.

The Peak Fitness C3-Grade women’s team needed a number of players to back up and play two games, highlighting the commitment of the women’s squad.

It was a tough battle in the first half but the team lifted their intensity to keep Uni scoreless in the second half. Yasmin O’Connor was a standout in the ruck with Josie Mark and Amelia Davies providing the run and carry, hitting up the Beach forwards.

Jess Woolcott and Clarissa Power provided committed leads up forward to kick two goals apiece. It was again another positive performance despite the loss with many players representing the club for the first time.

The Grange Residential Integrated team continued their evolution with a strong and competitive performance against CBC Fremantle Green. It’s not about wins and losses here, but they were terrific in going down by five points.

Life members and flag heroes at Beach

Some of the North Beach royalty at Charles Riley Reserve last Saturday – the assembled life members.

The North Beach faithful had been waiting months for the opportunity and finally it came.

The first home game for the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade team in this truncated Perth Football League season was an opportunity to connect with the club’s faithful. And they availed themselves in strong numbers.

An additional incentive was the gathering of four premiership teams who were celebrating significant anniversaries, the 1980 (F-Grade), 1990 (A-Grade) and 2010 (A-Grade and A-Reserves) assembled to reminisce about reaching their football pinnacle.

North Beach royalty was in the room and while the current climate did not allow them to rub shoulders with each other they enjoyed the conviviality and the opportunity to sip on a frosty Carlton Draft.

As well as premiership players from those four teams, the club also invited its life members to the occasion meaning that it really was a conglomerate of some of those most influential and revered figures in club history.

Another step forward

The announcements by the State Government today around the further relaxation of restrictions imposed to combat Covid-19 is another positive step towards the Perth Football League’s targeted ambition of a nine-game season.

While the government has lifted the maximum number of participants who can train together from 10 to 20 people, it still does not allow for those groups to assemble at our cub.

Those groups can train independently at other parks and reserves, but training sessions cannot be organised at Charles Riley Reserve. While we have all done our part to flatten the curve, social distancing requirements remain which means there is to be no contact at those gatherings of 20.

The announcements today are merely supporting the original plan and is indicative of the great work of all West Australians in minimising the spread of the virus.

When community football was suspended a few weeks out from the scheduled start to the season, the return-to-train date was set at May 31, with football scheduled to re-start on June 15. That may be a little ambitious, but this a progressive step.

We are seeking further clarity from the Perth Football League around what shape the season might take, the logistics around playing and what restrictions look like in terms of bar service, restricting the number of patrons to games etc. The PFL management and board are looking for similar clarity.

As a club we will also need to continue to examine the financial implications of what that means, how many teams we can nominate and also get some insights from the PFL around their ideals of this truncated season.

The good news is that we look more likely to see our club in action that at any other time since this pandemic hit the world.

Stay tuned, as soon as there is further news we will keep you posted. In the meantime, continue to be vigilant, disciplined and stay healthy and safe.

  • Gary Stocks (President)

Reigning premiers next test

Kyle Cranley…a prime mover for the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade

The rivalry with close neighbour Scarborough will be re-ignited when the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade plays the reigning premiers at Millington Reserve tomorrow.

A competitive intensity, stretching back to the mid-90s, has been elevated since the Sea Eagles returned to A-Grade a few years ago.

They were convincing winners of the 2018 premiership, a team dripping with experience at senior WAFL level, mainly from former Subiaco players, carried too much firepower for Fremantle CBC in the grand final.

Tomorrow, the Beach takes on Scarborough in an intriguing battle. Both – along with CBC – are undefeated after three rounds. Form lines are difficult to read, but winning form is good form so both are clearly in fine fettle.

North Beach is coming off a soft 100-point win against Wanneroo, a game that marked the return of Nic Reid to the senior team after suffering a couple of unfortunate injuries while training and playing with the West Coast Eagles WAFL team.

Sam Lamont, also a member of that West Coast squad, will resume with North Beach after an ankle injury sustained in the opening round against Trinity Aquinas.

The senior squad is humming at the moment, with the Lifenet A-Reserves also undefeated after three rounds, so competition for places in the A-Grade team is intense. This will unquestionably represent the biggest challenge of the season but the Tigers are looking forward to it.

To secure victory, the Beach will need midfield leaders like Mitch Gill, Blake Piggott, Lamont and Beau Witheridge to wield a strong influence. If they can channel the ball into the attacking 50 arc often enough there is scoring potency in abundance.

Ryan Ekert, Mitch Cameron and Dylan Campbell have all hit the scoreboard hard in recent weeks.

The A-Reserves, with a percentage of 742, have made a remarkable start to the year and will be looking to consolidate that platform against Scarborough. They won be a remarkable 173 points against Wanneroo and will enjoy a more competitive hit-out.

In what has been an extraordinary opening month, taking into account the bye at Easter, none of the club’s four most senior teams have tasted defeat. The unconquered Hybrid Linings D1-Grade and the Coast to Coast Imports D1-Reserves both have a bye this week, so that will not change for them.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts will kick off proceedings at Millington in what looms as another interesting battle.

While Scarborough has not yet won a game, they will be tough to crack, their draw in the underage competition representing a tough start to the year.

While all of that action will play out at Scarborough’s home ground, four other matches involving North Beach teams will be on show at Charles Riley Reserve.

The Indi Bar Brett Jones Colts will get things rolling at 10.40am against Trinity Aquinas while the Galleria Toyota A-Grade women will play Quinns District at 11am, looking to consolidate their opening round victory.

The Beyond Tools E1-Grade will play host to Scarborough while the GJ Osplumb E3-Grade will confront Warnbro Swans.

The Grange Residential I-Grade face the challenge of Fremantle CBC Green at Alan Edwards Reserve at 3.30pm