Magical integrated moments

Ben Henson….in the moment

Perspective. And good old fashioned sportsmanship.

Many of the players in the Grange Residential Integrated Rules team aspire to be like those representing North Beach Football Club in all other competitions. They would like be able to run as fast, to be as skilful, to soar high into the air.

They revere their club mates and love being a part of it.

Little do they know that there is so much our club is learning from them; the fun of playing, the sheer joy of belonging to something. And compassion.

On Saturday there was another moment that brought a tear to the eye.

North Beach was playing High Wycombe and the team from up in the hills was a superior outfit. They were more experienced, more advanced and more talented. They had a comfortable lead from the outset.

Towards the end of the third quarter, the Bulldogs led by more than six goals. It could have been greater, but for their sense of fair play.

Just before the three-quarter time siren, North Beach pushed the ball deep towards goal. A High Wycombe player marked it and played on.

He handballed it to Ben Henson, a North Beach player who did not have the athletic qualities to compete with him. It was a deliberate turnover in the goalsquare.

Henson shaped to kick the ball towards his team’s attacking arc, away from the goal mouth. But was convinced that he should turn and kick the goal. Umpteen Bulldogs players could have tackled him.

They didn’t. They waited as he sized up the opportunity, steadied and slotted it.

It created a moment that Henson – and his family – will always cherish. A beautiful act that represents so abundantly the spirit of this game and this competition. That compassion and understanding cannot be manufactured. It is inherent in the individuals playing the game and is the reason our club is so fortunate to have a team playing in it.

Doubtless there were many such examples in other games across the competition on Saturday. This was no one-off.

We had that heart-wrenching moment and a few minutes before that we had Chris Willers snapping a goal from deep in the pocket that would have been admired at any level. Teammates celebrated wildly. The joy was unbridled.

They talk about diversity in this game. The integrated competition lives and breathes it.

Males and females, teenagers and mature adults, people from backgrounds of all descriptions and abilities. There is no discrimination here. It is, as the competition suggests, integration. It is pure. It is inspiring.

And that moment on Saturday was just another lesson for the rest of us.

To the High Wycombe player, his teammates and his club. Thank you. Not only did it make Ben’s day, it made our ours.

Little things bring big win

Kyle Cranley was an important factor in the ruck

From little things big things big things grow. And owning those small moments added up to an important victory for the O’Rourke Realty North Beach A-Grade against Scarborough yesterday.

There was a handful of those instances which were significant in 21-point victory in the ‘Battle of the Beaches’ at Charles Riley Reserve.

Like key forward Ryan Ekert kicking two thumping goals against the breeze – one each in the first and third terms; like Sam Lamont corralling Scarborough speedster Adam Vallelonga in the second term. He didn’t buy what Vallelonga was selling as he tried to ‘step’ the Beach star, but Lamont smothered the ball on the wing and stopped a forward surge.

Then, in the last quarter, another one percenter on the wing in front of the interchange bench was critical.

Again the Sea Eagles were surging forward, but Matt Holden committed to thwart the charge. He smothered the kick from Matthew Haddon, kept the ball alive, fed it forward and the passage ended with Michael Schofield taking a mark in the goal square and converting a clutch goal.

Scarborough had edged within three points, that took it to nine, and the Beach had some breathing space.

Finally, to put the game beyond any doubt, Andrew McGuinness gathered the ball on his boot laces and in one motion screwed around the corner on his right boot. That took the margin beyond three goals and the Beach was home.

Those moments added up to important victory that propelled the Beach to the top of the table and was the result on a concerted four-quarter effort.

While they trailed at quarter-time by 13 points, they had done well to minimise the damage, hit the front in the second quarter when they had the use of the breeze and were never again headed.

As always in the modern game, it started in the midfield where ruckman Kyle Cranley and ground level players like Craig Hoskins, Adam Cockie, Mitch Gill, James Garcia and Blake Piggott got the ball rolling.

Additionally, Dan Leishman, Luke Symonds and Simon Tunbridge were effective in defence, often launching offence with smooth transition backward of centre.

While the A-Grade held sway from the middle of the second term, the Lifenet A-Reserves were never in any serious danger of seeing the only blemish on their score sheet for the year.

They controlled the situation from the outset, kicked with the breeze in the opening term and never surrendered the advantage at any stage of the game, as they advanced to six consecutive victories.

The A-Reserves owned all of the key moments, but there was one special piece of play in the second quarter when Dan Ryan marked and goaled in his first game back off a knee reconstruction.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott colts also produced a commanding performance to win by 63 points – 11.12 (78) to 2.3 (15).

They had winners all over the ground with Lachlan Thomas and Sam Cooper dominant in defence, ruckman Craig Bothe giving his team first use and the likes of Justin Prior and Egan Brooks all playing with class.

Up forward Caden Eaton was imposing, Tai Kilpatrick continues to evolve as a goal-kicking midfielder and wingman Hayden Tunnis was influential.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       1.1          4.3          6.7          9.8          62
Scarborough      3.2          3.3          5.5          6.5          41
Goals – North Beach: Ekert 2; Hoskins, Schofield, Witheridge, Garcia, Dwyer, Leishman, McGuinness.
Best – North Beach: Garcia, Piggott, Cockie, Leishman, Symonds, Cranley, Lamont.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       2.4          4.6          6.9          7.10        52
Scarborough      0.0          2.1          2.1          3.3         21
Goals – North Beach: Tothill 2; Black, Edwards, Foley, Ryan, Wells.
Best – North Beach: Chapman, Sweeny, Edwards, Tothill, Murray, Boylan, Bennett.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       4.4          5.6          8.11        11.12     78
Scarborough      0.1          1.2          1.2           2.3        15
Goals – North Beach: Scurria, Eaton, Kilpatrick, Brooks 2; Bellouard, Coleman, Spencer.
Best – North Beach: Thomas, Bothe, Prior, Brooks, Cooper, Kilpatrick, Tounnis.

Reid to make AFL debut


Two years ago, on this corresponding weekend, Nic Reid was preparing to play his 100th game for North Beach against Curtin University-Wesley.

He reached the milestone at North Beach in front of the faithful at Charles Riley Reserve and celebrated the occasion with a five-goal bag.

There was no thought at that moment that there was much more in his football journey than finals footy at the local club where he was revered figure.

Now he is getting ready for biggest stage and will make his AFL debut against Hawthorn on Sunday at Optus Stadium, in front of somewhere between 25-30,000 people.

In 2018, with former Subiaco utility player Shane Paap at the helm, Reid underlined his talent by kicking 48 goals in an injury-affected season. He was runner-up to Joel Ashman in the WA Amateur Football League A-Grade competition and was also runner-up in the North Beach award (tied with Dan Leishman) to Sam Lamont.

Reid had become a local hero. Kids were going to Charles Riley Reserve to watch him play, wearing his No.19 on their backs. Among that throng of youngsters was Callum Jamieson, another product of the North Beach Junior Football Club, who is now on the Eagles list.

It was post that 2018 season that Reid found himself back on the path to elite football.

The West Coast Eagles had been granted a licence to play in the WAFL, allowing all of its players not selected in the AFL team to play together in the second tier competition. The alignment with East Perth had disintegrated and the Eagles wanted to go alone.

They were granted a licence and joined the competition, albeit handcuffed by severe recruiting restrictions.

It meant they needed to get creative with the list structure for their WAFL Eagles and all of Reid, Lamont and Ashman were so-called “top-up” players plucked out of the Amateur league. Pigeon holing them as supplementary player hardly did them justice, but it gave all of them an opportunity to play at the next level.

The embers of desire had again been fanned within the man they call Dos. Hope that had been almost extinguished rose again. Reid probably didn’t know how much he wanted it until he began mixing with AFL talent, recognising he was not entirely out of place.

For Reid, it was a platform to show a captive audience what he could do. He impressed General Manager – football Craig Vozzo, Eagles coach Adam Simpson and other staff who were dedicated to the WAFL team.

After a 2019 campaign when he demonstrated a capacity to influence WAFL games, the Eagles were given permission for him to train over the summer. Although his appearances on the track were limited because of shoulder surgery, he put everything on the line, even taking a year’s leave of absence from teaching to give it all of his attention.

Where he was not ready for the structured life of a WAFL player – let alone AFL football – in his late teens, the more mature version of Reid has craved it in his early 20s.

He is yet another example of a young man who would never have received this opportunity with a compressed senior list. Now he is ready to capitalise on his footy life line and take another quantum leap forward on his football – and life – experiences.

Reid’s journey to the AFL has been the antithesis of the smooth ride from the TAC Cup or WAFL colts to elite football.

No luxury vehicle or sealed highway on his path to the top.

He started on that manicured route, missed a couple of turns, found himself in a beat-up four wheel drive in the middle of nowhere but has eventually made it to the desired destination.

He could have been excused for being disillusioned by those frustrating, unplanned detours. Abandoning his AFL dream was more logical than clinging to thinning hope.

Especially when it drifted from arms-length as a member of WA under-age squads to a barely visible image far on the dusty horizon of the gravel tracks he was navigating in early adulthood.

But on Sunday, when he fulfils his long-held AFL ambition, making his debut for the West Coast Eagles against Hawthorn, it will all seem worthwhile. The brown pebbles pounding the undercarriage on his drive to the top had kept him alert, rather than drifting completely off target.

And he will become a unique and compelling football story when, at age 24, he steps out as the 252nd player to represent the West Coast Eagles in its 34-year history.

Reid has always had talent, but he never quite fitted the neat template that the AFL industry expects of its aspiring youngsters. He wasn’t besotted with the game, had a couple of cracks with WAFL club Claremont, but in his late teens he wasn’t quite ready for that structured and routine way of life.

He preferred to play with his mates at amateur club North Beach.

He liked the freedom of just playing footy. The game came naturally to him and he mirrored it in the way he played. Instinctively.

It is possible for me to offer some insights into this young man because I was coaching the colts at North Beach when he opted out of the Claremont program. I wouldn’t say I, or Dave Barwick, with whom I shared the role, coached him as much as plonked him in the centre and asked the umpires to start the game.

He dominated, often kicked three or four goals out of the middle, and we just enjoyed the spectacle. We weren’t the only ones. A-Grade players would come to the ground early to watch him play.

That was 2012 and Reid was clearly a class above all others at that level. The senior coach at North Beach, Bill Duckworth recognised it too, and Reid’s stint in the colts was short-lived.

Duckworth, a two-time Essendon premiership player and 1984 Norm Smith medallist, injected him into the seniors and played a nurturing role with the talented youngster.

A year later, another AFL premiership star, David Hynes, a significant part of the 1994 West Coast Eagles premiership team, assumed the senior position at North Beach and he continued to mould an evolving young man who was among the most talented, if not the  most talented, players in the competition.

The North Beach army will doubtless have a strong representation at Optus Oval. Those who can’t get there will be glued to their television sets.

All will feel a sense of pride when ‘Dos’ struts his stuff. He’s one of ours and we love him.


Exquisite display from A-Grade teams

Ned Halley has been in strong form down back

It took just a few minutes for the O’Rourke Realty North Beach A-Grade team to make a statement of intent against Kingsley on Saturday.

Responding to their first loss of the season, when they did not play their way, the Beach exploded out of the blocks, were dominant through the midfield, stingy in defence and creative forward of centre.

The rebound out of the back half was important with Dan Leishman producing an outstanding display, with Luke Symonds and later Simon Tunbridge. The ball use out of transition was exquisite.

With Kyle Cranley back to his best, Blake Piggott, Mitch Gill and Sam Lamont controlling the middle and the likes of James Garcia, Adam Cockie and Beau Witheridge influential, the Beach kicked seven goals for the term, laying an impregnable platform for victory.

Additionally, Ryan Ekert and Mitch Holbrook provided strong marking targets and the game was never under question after that blistering opening.

The result was a dominant 64-point victory which would have been greater had the level of the first three quarters been maintained in the last. With the four points securely in the bank, the Beach dropped off the intensity in the last 20 minutes.

The growth of a couple of younger players in the team has also been satisfying in the first five rounds with Ned Halley again resolute in defence while Madoc Plane is settling in to senior football after graduating from the colts.

The Lifenet A-Reserves made a similar – if even more authorative statement – in the opening stanza of their clash.

They were simply irresistible against a lacklustre opponent, rattling on nine goals in the first 18 minutes of the game. By quarter time key forward Ben Johnson and Adam Swain had three goals apiece and they continued in that vein for the remainder of the match.

Johnson finished with nine goals while Swain was neck and neck with him for best on ground honours with a wonderful four-quarter effort through the midfield.

The result was a commanding 126-point triumph, the Beach adding a further eight goals with the aid of the breeze in the third term.

Naturally, in a dominance of that magnitude, there were winners all over the ground, with Tim Edwards and Nic Bowe also wielding a strong influence through the middle while Matt Murray and Ben Sweeny repelled countless Cats attacking moves and then launched forward assaults of their own.

The Plastewise Phil Scott Colts started by punching into the breeze but set up victory when they ledf by two goals at the first change.

With strong targets up forward through Tai Kirkpatrick and Caiden Eaton, who kicked eight between them, Lachlan Scurria, Jackson Martino and Jack McIntosh, the Beach consolidated in the second term and then posted an impressive 45-point victory – 12.10 (82) to 5.7 (37).

The lower grades – in the absence of the Hybrid Linings C5-Grade, the Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves and the Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts – all of whom had byes, were represented by the Beyond Tools C4-Grade and the GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves.

As has been the case all year, they have been asked to punch above their weight because of the nature of the season, and that was again the case when they played Forrestfield in both grades.

The Beyond Tools C4-Grade lost by 140 points despite the best efforts of Shane Duckworth, Xavier Williamson , Mark Sadler and Co while it was a similar margin for the GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves.

While beaten by an opposition’s senior teams they get great kudos and respect from our club for continuing to represent the club proudly.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       7.2          9.4          15.5        16.7        103
Kingsley               0.1          1.3          1.6            5.9          39
Goals – North Beach: Ekert 5; Deegan, Garcia 3; Piggott 2, Cockie, McGuinness, Dwyer.
Best – North Beach: Leishman, Piggott, Garcia, Symonds, Lamont, Witheridge, Tunbridge, Deegan.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       9.1          11.4        19.4        21.9        135
Kingsley               0.0          0.1         0.1         1.3             9
Goals – North Beach: Johnson 9; Edwards, Swain 3; Brooks, Wells 2; Foley, Webster.
Best – North Beach: Johnson, Swain, Brooks, Bowe, Edwards, Murray, Sweeny.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       3.2          5.5          8.8          12.10     82
Kingsley                1.2          2.4          4.6            5.7       37
Goals – North Beach: Tai 5; Eaton 3.
Best – North Beach: Tai, Scurria, Martino, Cooper, Bothe, Prior, McIntosh.

Beyond Tools C4-Grade
Forrestdale 26.17 (173) def North Beach 4.5 (29)
Goals – North Beach: Cooper 2; Darcy, Dewar.
Best – North Beach: Duckworth, Evans, Tobin, Williamson, Cooper, Sadler.

GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves
Forrestdale 26.15 (171) def North Beach 4.4 (28)

A-Grade women find their way

To borrow from an advertising campaign featuring Lara Bingle about a decade ago – and using a little licence to tweak it a teeny bit – the North Beach women could have been excused for asking ‘where the bloody hell is it?’

As the Project Ceilings A-Grade prepared to play Winnacott in their penultimate game of the game of the season, there is no doubt all of them would have plugged the location into the GPS.

The same would have applied to the Peak Body Fitness C3-Grade who played Hills Rangers. All due respect to both opponents, but they are not a familiar foe.

Winnacott, for those unfamiliar, is somewhere south-east of Fremantle, and the journey was worth it as North Beach produced a quality performance that resulted in a 32-point victory – 4.8 (32) to 0.0 (0).

The first half was a little ‘rough’, evidenced by scrappy inside footy and the team getting dragged into a messy style of play.

At the half time break there was a real sense the team was letting itself down. They knew they had to execute their skills to better effect and take risks.

The game turned in the third with the Beach girls playing solid outside footy with a strong focus on second and third options and hitting up targets after finding clear air. The midfield dominated and some key position players like Lexi Lindsay up forward finding some real touch.

Whilst keeping Winnacott scoreless for the whole game the Beach could have hit the scoreboard harder but it  was a solid effort and another example to the playing group of the talent on hand when it all comes together.

Special mentions to Emily Sainty in the ruck who dominated all day without a break. Emily’s field positioning in the second half – essentially sweeping – was a key to the forwards getting multiple options.

Clarissa Power has found her niche down back and the work rate of Tessa Anderson and Olivia Hongell was faultless. Olivia played on the wing and excelled.

Hills Rangers are in the Shire of Mundaring, a relatively young club spawned from the merger of clubs in the area, and they had strong numbers in the C3 division.

They overwhelmed the Beach, as they have against all opposition this season, winning 15.14 (104) to no score. An indication of their dominance is that their percentage sits above 1200.

It was a tough day for the fledgling Beach team, but they never stopped trying.

Project Ceilings A-Grade Women
North Beach 4.8 (32) def Winnacott 0.0 (0)
Best – North Beach: Sainty, Lindsay, Anderson, Power, Hongell.

Peak Body Fitness C3-Grade Women
Hills Rangers 15.14 (104) def North Beach 0.0 (0)
Best – North Beach: Cowling, McGorlick, Screigh, Davies, Vuailat, Laycock.

Wins are only currency in short season

Christian Bottechia has overcome injury and will play his first O’Rourke Realty A-Grade match of the season against Kingsley.

This abbreviated season means that every loss hurts a little more than usual. Conversely, wins are even more precious.

The 2020 season has been cut by 50 percent – nine qualifying games as opposed to the regular 18 in a normal year – meaning the value of a win is commensurate with the value of the Aussie dollar against the English pound.

So the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade was stung by a sub-par performance against Curtin University-Wesley in a clash of two undefeated teams last Saturday.

The coaches and players can’t afford to dwell on that loss, it’s a question of quickly hitting the re-set button and getting on with the next game.

And that is the challenge against Kingsley at Kingsley Reserve tomorrow.

The Beach will welcome back a cluster of important players, including rebounding defender Daniel Leishman, midfield general Andrew McGuinness, hard nut Steve Mansfield and experienced defender Christian Bottechia.

Leishman was unavailable last week because of a family matter while McGuinness and Mansfield are resuming from brief injury interruptions. Bottechia played his first game of the season in the Lifenet A-Reserves last week and was instrumental in guiding them over the line with the opposition surging in the dying minutes.

That cool head will be a welcome addition to the A-Grade backline.

The A-Reserves, meantime, will strive to keep their unbeaten record intact while the Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts will aim to rebound after consecutive losses – including a last second heartbreak against Wesley last Saturday.

After controlling the game for the majority of it, that loss stung and they will be looking to respond.

The Beyond Tools C5-Grade and the GJ Osplumb C5-Reserves will play top teams Forrestdale in their respective games at Charles Riley Reserve while the Grange Residential I-Grade play Kingsway at Kingsway Reserve.

Unfortunately, the club’s two women’s teams face road trips – the Project Ceilings A-Grade heading to Winnacott while the Peak Body Fitness C3-Grade play Hills Rangers.

The Hybrid Linings C4-Grade, Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves and the Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts all have a bye

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
Kingsley v North Beach, Kingsley Reserve, 2.45pm

Lifenet A-Reserves
Kingsley v North Beach, Kingsley Reserve, 1.05pm

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
Kingsley v North Beach, Kingsley Reserve, 11.25am

Beyond Tools C4-Grade
North Beach v Forrestdale, Charles Riley Reserve, 2.45pm

GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves
North Beach v Forrestdale, Charles Riley Reserve, 2.45pm

Project Ceilings A-Grade Women
Winnacott v North Beach, Winnacott Reserve, 9.50am

Peak Body C-3 Women
Hills Rangers v North Beach, Brown Park, 11.30am

Grange Residential I-Grade
Kingsway v North Beach, Kingsway Reserve, 11.15am

Hybrid Linings C5-Grade

Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts

Curtin just too good

James Garcia has been a classy addition to the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade team

Occasionally, as a collective, you just have to dip your lid and say ‘too good.’

That was the case when the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade team tackled the other undefeated team in the competition at Charles Riley Reserve last Saturday.

Curtin University-Wesley, who won the 2019 B-Grade premiership after dominating all season, have brought that quality of football to the next level and are unconquered. We saw why.

They were clean with their skills, organised with their system and completely committed to the assignment. The result was a 34-point victory, set up to a large extent by a polished first quarter when they established a four-goal lead.

The Beach tried to claw back the deficit, but Wesley had all of the answers and the hosts had too many players marginally off their best.

They never really pushed back to the point where they were a serious threat, despite the efforts of players like midfielders Joey Deegan and Blake Piggott, forwards Adam Cockie and Mitch Holbrook and the classy James Garcia.

The Lifenet A-Reserves looked set for a comfortable victory, having held sway in the balance of play, but the door was left slightly ajar and the last few minutes were a little more anxious than they deserved to be.

Despite the little heart flutter, the Beach endured, winning 5.6 (36) to 4.8 (32) thanks largely to the efforts of experienced defenders Christian Bottechia and Ben Sweeny, who proved resolute in the face of an onslaught that saw Wesley kick three of their four goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Liam Pardini and Matt Murray were also strong and consistent while Nic Bowe and Jordan Webster were good through the middle and Jordan Brooks was dangerous, kicking one miraculous check-side goal from the boundary in the third term.

The Beach deserved the victory, regardless of the tense final moments, and remain at the top of the table after four rounds.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts had earlier provided the mirror image of the A-Reserves match, perhaps add to the nerves on the bench.

Seemingly headed for a routine victory in a competitive match, the North Beach colts wilted, conceded two goals in the last three minutes – the last of them on the death knell – that saw the win dissipate and manifest itself in a four point loss – 9.4I (58) to 8.6 (54).

It was a similar outcome, albeit by a different story line, that saw the Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts slipped to defeat against Wesley.

In another absorbing contest, the visitors were better in key moments and won by nine points. The endeavour and commitment of the North Beach colts was unquestionable but it came down to just a moment or two where the opposition was better.

Results, August 1
O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
Curtin-Wesley   5.2          7.5          9.7          11.8        74
North Beach       1.2          3.6          3.7          5.10       40
Goals – North Beach: Holbrook 2; Cockie, Garcia, Ekert.
Best – North Beach: Deegan, Cockie, Garcia, Piggott.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       2.1          3.2          5.4          5.6          36
Curtin-Wesley   0.1          1.2          1.6          4.8          32
Goals – North Beach: Boylan, Brooks, Corbett, Power, Webster.
Best – North Beach: Botecchia, Sweeny, Pardini, Murray, Bowe, Brooks, Webster.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
Curtin University-Wesley 9.4 (58) def North Beach 8.6 (54)

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
Curtin University-Wesley 6.7 (43) def North Beach 5.2 (32)

Thirds go to bye on a high

Ben DeRosa…continued his strong run of form for the Hybrid Linings C5-Grade

If Glen Hinkley, coach of the Hybrid Linings C5-Grade could nominate the time in the season when his team would take the bye that is a part of their competition, he might have suggested this as the ideal week.

After closing out the first five rounds with a strong victory over Curtin University-Wesley, the Beach third-grade team sits undefeated at the top of the table.

They get the chance to hit the re-set button after carving out a solid 16-point victory, the margin not exactly reflective of the control they enjoyed. So Hinkley’s boys will freshen up at the mid-point of the season and re-launch after having a weekend off.

The Beach, with several new faces in the line-up, was challenged by Wesley and lacked a little chemistry initially but eventually got things going in the second half – the performance marred only by inaccuracy.

They had 16 scoring shots to seven, but won 4.12 (36) to 3.4 (22).

Craig Hall and Ben DeRosa continued to set the benchmark while Brendan Collins, Jayden Black, Arran O’Connell and Tom DeCourtenay offering strong support.

The Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves also go into the break on top of the ladder, albeit having lowered their colours to second placed Wesley, who have a game in hand, on the weekend.

The Beach lost an absorbing contest 5.2 (32) to 6.7 (43).

The season continues to throw up insurmountable challenges for the Beyond Tools C4-Grade, playing Rossmoyne at Shelley Park on the weekend and again confronting the opposition’s senior side.

The North Beach fifths competed well, but understandably were out-gunned and lost by 20 goals.

It was a similar story for the GJ Osplumb C5-Reserves who were beaten by seven goals. Again they never, at any point, put the cue in the rack but simply could not match the class of the opposition.

Hybrid Linings C5-Grade
North Beach 4.12 (36) def Curtin University 3.4 (22)
Goals – North Beach: DeCourtenay 2; Hall, B Collins.
Best – North Beach: Hall, De Rosa, B Collins, Black, A O’Connell, DeCourtenay.

Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves
Curtin University-Wesley 4.7 (31) def North Beach 3.8 (26)

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
Curtin University-Wesley 6.7 (43) def North Beach 5.2 (32)

Beyond Tools C4-Grade
Rossmoyne 20.22 (142) def North Beach 2.0 (12)
Goals – North Beach: Evans, Johnstone.
Best – North Beach: Tobin, Johnstone, Capelli, Stocks, Evans, Tait.

GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves
Rossmoyne 7.13 (55) def North Beach 0.

Women tenacious against premiers

The women’s competition is in  its infancy, but there is little question that Curtin University-Wesley have set the bar in the two-and-a-half seasons it has been in operation.

The Tigers won the premiership last season and it was something of a shock that University knocked them over in the inaugural season of 2018.

They have a strong program, wonderful depth and ventured to Charles Riley Reserve last Saturday as the undefeated pilot at the top of the premiership table.

For the Project Ceilings A-Grade North Beach outfit it always loomed as a significant challenge in a year that has thrown up plenty of hurdles.

But the Beach wom,en went into the contest with a strong sense of we ‘can do this’. The belief and energy was high and it created an absorbing contest.

The tenacious Beach went down by two goals, a margin that might have been a little different had officials heard the half-time bell before Curtin Uni kicked an important pressure-relieving goal ahead of the main break.

In the end Wesley endured 4.7 (31) to 3.1 (19) but the North Beach players could take pride in their performance.

With some debutants in the side, they were far from over-whelmed by their more fancied rivals,  evidenced by the Curtin Uni coach highlighting at the end of the game that they did not expect the level of resistance witnessed.

Emily Sainty was again outstanding in the ruck, competing against a national volleyballer all day, the general down back, Kellie Holden, was steadfast, Clarissa Power played her best game all year and Tessa Anderson continued to deliver 100% out of the middle.

Resources have been stretched with the ambitious plan to field two teams, but again the Peak Body Fitness C3-Grade showed great tenacity in flying the club flag against Wanneroo.

Kaitlin Koh, Taylah McGorlick and Yasmin O’Connor led from the front against the odds before falling 11.5 (71) to 0.2 (2) to the  vastly more experienced Roos.

Project Ceilings A-Grade Women
Curtin University-Wesley 4.7 (31) def North Beach 3.1 (19)
Best – North Beach: Sainty, Anderson, Holden, Power.

Peak Body Fitness C3-Grade Women
Wanneroo 11.5 (71) def North Beach 0.2 (2)
Best – North Beach: Koh, Laycock, McGorlick, O’Connor, Evans.

August 27 set for AGM

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the North Beach Football Club Inc will be held on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at the North Beach Football Club Clubrooms, Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach, commencing at 7.30pm.

In accordance with the NBFC constitution, all Committee members will stand down at the AGM and the following positions will be declared vacant:



Vice President





Any eligible member (players, Life Members, Beach Club Members) wishing to nominate for any of these positions may do so in writing prior to the meeting.

All nominations are to be sent to:

Nominations can also be made at the AGM

Under the club’s constitution all nominations are to be seconded at the AGM.

If there is only one nomination for vacant positions, the nomination needs to be carried by a majority of members attending the meeting.

If there is more than one nomination, a vote will be held at the meeting