Bozer leads the way

Captain Beau Witheridge...simply inspirational
Captain Beau Witheridge…simply inspirational

By Gary Stocks

In his formative years in senior football, Beau Witheridge had the opportunity to soak up the leadership qualities of people like Chris Pearce and Chris Perkin.

Inevitably when North Beach needed a lift at clutch moments in big games, it was the likes of Pearce, Perkin, Chooka Ingham or Simon Pearce who would seize the moment, change momentum and steer the Beach out of troubled waters.

On Saturday, when the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade team needed an inspirational trigger to answer the challenge of Hamersley Carine, it was Witheridge, the current skipper, who dug deep, laid an inspirational tackle or set up an important goal.

Witheridge was outstanding as the Beach carved out a 33-point win over Hamersley at Percy Doyle – 14.10 (94) to 9.7 (61).

The tireless skipper, in conjunction with debutant Adam Swain, who kicked three goals, tenacious midfielder Sam Lamont, centre half-forward Kyle Cranley, and defenders Luke Symonds and Daniel Leishman had all the answers against Hamersley.

The Lifenet A-Reserves played a disciplined game and thoroughly deserved a 35-point victory against Hamersley Carine.

The result was never in doubt, although it was not a captivating contest and the most pleasing aspect of the victory was the form of several players pushing for senior selection, including Jordan Webster, Jordan Gray and Dion Cownie.

In addition Matt Whitbread was solid at centre half-forward and Matt Power, in his first game for the season, played with typical zeal.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts went into the contest against Hamersley as overwhelming favourites and the challenge for the Beach young guns was whether they could remain disciplined on a day when it would be tempting to break away from the team structures and to go kick chasing.

The Beach, however, answered that issue and played with discipline and purpose, on the way to a commanding 157-point victory – 25.16 (166) to 1.3 (9).

Cam Howie kicked six goals and was an imposing forward target while Caelen O’Connell, Joey Deegan, Alex Coleman, Peter Hoitis and Matt Raynor continued their good form.

The Red Hill Brett Jones Colts suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of University in a tough, grinding affair at Charles Riley Reserve.

There was very little in the contest all day, before University endured 9.7 (61) to 6.9 (45).

Brayden Bowden, Josh Cameron and Tyler Beard each kicked two goals while better players were Callan Dunjey, Brayden Farrell and Matt Seaton.

The Hybrid Linings D1-Grade have seen a transient player group over recent weeks, made 12 changes on Saturday, and as a result they took a little while to gel, but they played an imposing second half to win by 29 points.

At half-time there was only five points in it, but the Beach controlled the game thereafter, restricted University to just one goal after the long break and won 9.13 (67) to 6.2 (38).

Alex Luck and Luke Pardini each kicked two goals while Jordan Veitch, Ryan Hart, Shane Duckworth and Mitch Cameron were all strong contributors.

The Coast to Coast Imports D1-Reserves produced a dominant four-quarter display against the reigning premier in their division – winning 15.7 (97) to 6.4 (40).

James Todd kicked seven goals while Jordan Mesiti was a powerful force in the midfield and both Luke Spies and Cam Alco were supreme in the back half.

The Express Bins D2-Grade, on the adjacent oval at Charles Riley Reserve, was similarly impressive against Wanneroo, recovering from a tight first quarter to control the game thereafter to win 11.7 (73) to 6.7 (43).

They celebrated the 250th game of popular veteran Deon Jacobs in style, with the efforts of players like Daniel Njegich, Owen Collins, Paul Kappeler and Xavier Williamson playing significant roles for their team.

The Fusion D2-Reserves were always in control against Wanneroo and marched to victory, 12.17 (89) to 0.6 (6).

Mitch Clarke, Peter Panagopolous and Phil Pedley all wielded an influence.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       3.3         7.7         10.9       14.10     94
Ham-Carine        2.3         3.3         6.7          9.7        61
Goals – North Beach: Swain 3; B Irvine, M Irvine, Reid 2; Bottechia, K Cranley, Davies, N Dwyer.
Best – North Beach: Witheridge, Swain, Symonds, K Cranley, Lamont, Leishman, Holdman.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach 9.16 (70) def Hamersley Carine 5.5 (35)
Goals – North Beach: N/A
Best – North Beach: Webster, Cownie, Power, Whitbread, Gray.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       7.1         13.5       17.12     25.16     166
Ham-Carine        0.2         0.2        0.2        1.3           9
Goals – North Beach: Howie 6; Dalton, O’Connell 4; Campbell, Johnson, Manov, McCarthy, Wells 2; Hughes.
Best – North Beach: O’Connell, Howie, Deegan, Coleman, Hoitis, Raynor.

Hybrid Lings D1-Grade
North Beach       4.5         5.7         8.12       9.13       67
University            2.1         5.2         6.2         6.2         38
Goals – North Beach: Luck, Pardini 2; Adler, Cameron, Hart, Hooper, Miller.
Best – North Beach: J Veitch, Hart, S Duckworth, Cameron

Coast to Coast Imports D1-Reserves
North Beach 15.7 (97) def University 6.4 (40)
Goals – North Beach: Todd 7.
Best – North Beach: Todd, Mesiti, Turner, Spies, Alco.

Red Hill Brett Jones Colts
University            2.0         4.0         6.0         9.7         61
North Beach        1.1          3.2         4.2         6.9         45
Goals – North Beach: Bowden, Cameron, Beard 2.
Best – North Beach: Reed, Dunje, Farrell, Seaton.

Express Bins D2-Grade
North Beach       1.1         7.4         10.5       11.7       73
Wanneroo           1.3         1.3         4.4         6.7       43
Goals – North Beach: Kappler, Padget 2; Cavanagh, Rollo, Smith, Jacobs, D Veitch.
Best – North Beach: Njegich, Collins, Kappler, Williamson, Hurley.

Fusion D2-Reserves
North Beach       1.3         3.5         7.8         12.17     89
Wanneroo           0.3         0.3         0.4         0.6       6
Goals – North Beach: Delamont, Gardiner, Duncan 2; Clarke, Ferreri, Kinslow, Pedley.
Best – North Beach: Gardiner, Cassidy, Panagopolous, M Clarke, Duncan.