50 years of mateship

By Gary Stocks
There have been many great nights in the glittering history of the North Beach Football Club. Last Saturday night was another.

A black tie event at the Hillarys Yacht Club, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club, was a gathering of some of the most influential people in club history.

No, sorry, that doesn’t do it justice. it was more than that. It was a celebration of dedication to grass roots football. A collection of fine people, brought together by fate to create and grow a club which will forever have a place in their hearts.

People who might otherwise never have met. People who might otherwise would never talk. Thgey would never have shared a bear, a laugh. Victory or, dare we say, defeat. People who now are forever connected to North Beach  

When 250 North Beach stalwarts, toasted what they had built. From the ground up.

That doesn’t mean the physical being, which is being reincarnated at Charles Riley Reserve. It’s the emotional thing. The sense of always belonging and being part of the North Beach family.

Players from the inaugural team, members of the club’s first flag in 1975, the first A-Grade premiership coach Corry Bewick, the legendary Bill Duckworth. They were all there. And so were the blokes who supported them on that storied journey.

WAAFL President John Davies, a driving force in the birth of the club, and General Manager  David Armstrong were there, rubbing shoulders, sharing a brew with great past and present players and their partners 

Simon Beaumont was the MC who helped everyone reflect on a special history, laced with success. The audiovisual package put together by Shane Piggott was amazing and captured the essence of NBFC, the people and the culture. Fifty years of unabashed passion, a shared love.

Those who could not attend, should click on the below link to view a wonderful production.


President David Cassidy addressed the throng of Beach devotees, thanking the organising committee of David McLaurin, Brett Christie, Tim Langsford and Steve Tindale for their enormous efforts in making the night a great success.

He spoke about the importance of support from our sponsors over the journey and highlighted the involvement of Rory and Jarrad O’Rourke of O’Rourke Realty Investments and Les and Matt Fong at Credent Financial Services. They are institutions, with O’Rourke linked to the Beach for 30 years and Credent a part of fabric for 15 years.

Cassidy spoke about celebrating 50 years of our club, the premiership success across the years and grades but made the point that the club, its culture and successes were the end product. The outcome of having devoted individuals who, over five decades, had made it unique.

While celebrating the club’s 50th anniversary, it was actually a celebration of mateship.