Beach Bags Four Points

By Gary Stocks

Occasionally, rather than going through the review process, it’s best just to bag the four points and move on.

The O’Rourke Realty A-Grade looked superior to West Coast on the magnetic board, but it took until the final quarter for that edge in class and skill to transfer itself on the field before North Beach won 10.10 (70) to 7.9 (51).

It might not have been the best exhibition of the team’s prowess, but ultimately they got the job done and remain in second position on the ladder and firmly in the fame to lock in a position in the top three by season’s end.

While the line-up looked strong, there was still a number of quality players on the sidelines so the efforts of Brayden Lawler, Nick Wells and Nic Bowe around the ball were important to the result.

And Lachlan Scurria was lively around goal where key forwards Mitch McKenzie and Tom Hooper provided good focal points.

The Beach started well, leading by two goals at quarter-time, but dropped away in the second term as West Coast took advantage of less intensity in the contest and they found themselves 13 points in arrears at the main break.

It took a four-goal surge in the final term to put the game to bed and while it was a fortunate turn-around, it was also impressive that when required they were able to find another gear and grind out an important victory.

The benefits of selection stability from one game to the next has become evident for the Lifenet A-Reserves as they carved out a comprehensive victory against West Coast.

Unlike the disruptions experienced early in the season minimal changes have been required in the last fortnight.

While expecting to out-gun West Coast because of a talent imbalance, the major pre-game emphasis was around defensive accountability, balance around the contests, composure with the ball and creating options for the ball carrier.

Everyone played their role and what stood out was the consistency of the structure and unselfish teamwork through all four quarters as they produced a comprehensive 20-goal victory – 22.13 (145) to 3.3 (21).

Unrewarded running from the half forwards created a lot of space in the forward line and there was an even spread of goal scorers. They controlled the corridor and were able to move the ball laterally and then quickly into the forward line through overlap running, handball receives and accurate long kicking.

Matt Coleman was prominent on the wing and through the midfield, Liam Catalfamo played another great game with his ability to break lines and set us up on transition while Steve Mansfield provided inside grunt and Dylan Campbell was dominant as a high half forward with his forward pressure and impact on the scoreboard.

Consistency of selection has also played a role in the form of the Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts who scored a dominant victory against West Coast, winning 12.16 (88) to 3.1 (19).

The scoring shots of 29 to four is indicative of the dominance of the Beach boys after they jumped out of the blocks impressively and then built on that advantage as the game progressed.

Jared Thompson was exceptional, providing strong rebound off half-back, on a day when it was difficult to separate individuals with all players contributing.

Kobi Martin again gave the Beach first use through the midfield where Justin Prior excelled in conjunction with Jack Quartermaine while Cody Connell and Luis Caccamo were exceptional up forward and Peter Coles bagged four goals.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach      4.3         4.4         6.9         10.10    70
West Coast         2.2         6.5         7.6           7.9       51
Goals – North Beach: McKenzie, Hooper, Scurria 2; Lawler, Garcia, Gill, C Wells.
Best – North Beach: Lawler, Scurria, N Wells, Bowe.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach      6.2         9.5         16.7       22.13    145
West Coast        1.0         3.2           3.3          3.3        21
Goals – North Beach: Ekert, Campbell 4; Tothill, Johnson 3; Josh Chapman, J Webster 2; Mansfield, Hall, McIntosh, Brooks.
Best – North Beach: M Coleman, Catalfamo, Mansfield, Campbell.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach      3.5         5.10       10.13    12.17    89
West Coast        1.0         2.0          2.1         3.1       19
Goals – North Beach: Coles 4; O’Shea 2; Caccamo, Elliott, Martin, Moses, Connell, Drobnjak.
Best – North Beach: Thompson, Martin, Quartermaine, Prior, Connell, Caccamo.

Slow Start? No Problem

Concerns at quarter time, no worries in the end. After a tight opening stanza coach Glen Hinkley had no idea as to how the afternoon would transpire.

Trailing by 12 points at the first break, the total and unexpected domination was a slow build. That deficit after 25 minutes became a 23-point lead over Nollamara at the half and then evolved into a second half blitz.

So much so that by the conclusion of this contest the Hybrid Linings C4-Grade had produced a percentage-boosting 110-point victory – 24.12 (156) to 7.4 (46).

It was a very comprehensive and disciplined performance against one of the big improvers of the competition as the Beach re-set at the first break and in the last three quarters piled on 22 goals to three.

The opposition had no answers across the ground and there were periods of play where they went minutes without touching the ball.

Although the backline did not have a lot of work to do after the first break, Cam Emery‘s direct running and ball use off the half back line was superb. In the middle, George McColgan was again the best big man on the ground and the players at his feet in Alex Thompson and Pete Hiotis relished his dominance with big possession numbers.

Up forward Jordan Brooks (8 goals) and Mitch Cameron (7) feasted on the amount of attacking 50 entries and were very well supported by a constantly energetic Tully Wickstein.

The Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves, unfortunately, had a quiet day with Nollamara unable to field a team and forfeiting the fixture.

The Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts also produced a comprehensive victory, despatching Wanneroo 14.16 (100) to 3.6 (24). After a competitive first quarter the Beach kicked 11 goals to one as they overwhelmed the Roos.

It was an interesting clash with Wanneroo going for six wins in a row. They were fired up and ready to play, however the Beach were equally determined.

North Beaches got the first quarter monkey off the back as a strong first half laid the foundation to a 76-point win. With consistent ball movement and great defensive run putting Wanneroo to the sword they had no answers.

It was another great win, rolling on to 11 in succession as they continue to build a great qualifying season platform.

The Beyond Tools E1-Grade found Kalamunda to be a class above, but the GJ Ospumb E4-Grade was far too strong for SNESA, winning 12.9 (81) to 5.4 (34).

Hybrid Linings C4-Grade
North Beach      2.3         7.8         16.10    24.12    156
Nollamara          4.3         4.3           4.3         7.4         46
Goals – North Beach: J Brooks 8; M Cameron 7; O’Gorman, J Cameron 2; Wickstein, Hunter, Bennett, Crisp, DeCourtenay.
Best – North Beach: Brooks, Thompson, Emery, McColgan, M Cameron, O’Gorman.

Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves
North Beach defeated Nollamara on forfeit

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
North Beach      3.5         7.8         11.11    14.16    100
Wanneroo         2.0         3.3           3.4         3.6         24
Goals – North Beach: Jolley 4; K Jones 3; Farrell 2; Rocke, Payne, Dobson, P Rose, Germana.
Best – North Beach: P Rose, R Rose, Germana, S Smith, Donohue, Caiacob.

Beyond Tools E1-Grade
Kalamunda 21.16 (142) def North Beach 1.2 (8)

GJ Osplumb E4-Grade
North Beach      3.4         6.6         9.7         12.9       81
SNESA                 1.1         2.3         3.4           5.4       34

Tough Day For Women

Last Saturday proved to be a tough day at the office for the North Beach women’s teams with both combinations struggling to hit the scoreboard.

The Synkro A-Grade team, hit by illness and unavailability, struggled to get into full stride against West Coast and lost by two points.

Elysia Burvill continued her rich vein of form at half-back while Tyler Jones maintained her form up forward and kicked one of two goals, while Eva Popovsky, Steph Ball and Clare Dickson were combative in the midfield and Millie Monaghan looked dangerous in attack.

Unfortunately, they did not reap the benefits and fell 2.5 (17) to 3.1 (19).

The knock on effect of the A-Grade team being hit by availability issues, also saw the C4-Grade below capacity and they were out-pointed by Cockburn 5.9 (33) to just 1.0 (6).

With three dominant midfielders and strong work over the ball Cockburn had the ball in their half for most of the game.

Under that pressure the backs held up really well, learning that in the few moments where they were clean with ball, ran and spread it was the equal of any in the competition.

The dropped marks and fumbles that allow opposition sides to mitigate this is damaging.

Lauren Kavangh set a high bench for her teammates, with Rebecca Mirchef, Chelsea Cowling and Darian Astone also putting in strong efforts.

The positive was that up to 10 players were missing from both sides, and with full availability selection will be tough over the closing weeks.

Synkro A-Grade Women
West Coast        2.0         2.0         3.1         3.1         19
North Beach      0.0         1.3         2.5         2.5         17
Goals – North Beach: Maynard, T Jones.
Best – North Beach: Burvill, T Jones, Popovsky, Ball, Dickson, Monaghan.

C4-Grade Women
Cockburn           1.1         2.4         3.7         4.9         33
North Beach      1.0         1.0         1.0         1.0           6
Goals – North Beach: Plant.
Best – North Beach: Kavanagh, Mirchef, Cowling, Astone, Critchell, Green.