Beach builds momentum

By Gary Stocks

North Beach continued to build momentum into its 2013 campaign with a 41-point victory over Swan Athletic at Charles Riley Reserve on Saturday.

The O’Rourke Realty A-Grade team set up victory with a dominant first quarter and ideally would have accelerated away from their opponent, but after the six-goal opening term it was more of a grind than exquisite football which set them on their way to a fourth victory from the opening six rounds.

The Tigers were never threatened and victory was built around midfield control, a couple of dangerous forwards and a tight defensive effort in a 12.15 (87) to 6.10 (46) win.

Ruckman Joe Boys was instrumental in establishing control through the middle, while midfielder Tim Nelli played his best game for the club and combined with Kyle Riemann and Mitch Dwyer to consistently pump the ball forward.

In attack Aaron Jarvis was a constant threat while Ben Wilson, who worked hard for his first A-Grade game of the season, did not waste his chance, presenting up the ground with energy and football smarts.

Defensively, Alex Billi, Adrian Clarke and co-captain Anthony Ingham provided plenty of rebound run, but also locked down on their respective opponents when required.

The Beach this week faces the challenge against CBC Fremantle, again at Charles Riley Reserve.

The Credent Financial Services A-Reserves again dominated against a quality opponent, beating another top five combination, by 71 points.

As that scoreline would suggest, the Beach played with great authority throughout, the game plan worked a treat and there were winners in virtually every position on the ground.   

The backline line repelled most attacks in a positive and aggressive manner, with all players performing their role to good effect, creating good link-up through the middle and the forward line capitalised on the control enjoyed.

The Townley Group D1-Grade, after an encouraging start against CBC Fremantle, could not sustain the effort and slipped to a 20-point defeat.

While the defence was solid and held up pretty well, lapses through the midfield and in atgtack created issues.

The Pana’s Pool Supplies E2-Grade played three good quarters of tight footy, but let the game slip in the third term when Hamersley Carine kicked seven unanswered goals.

The Beach ran out of legs and were unable to match the opposition’s work rate. 

The Nuchange Phil Scott Colts are starting to get a return for their effort and played a terrific brand of football to beat Swan Athletic by 44 points.

The victory was set up by an attitude to pressure and tackle and to sustain that for four quarters.

The Beach was dominant at the stoppages and almost doubled the tackle count as the final piece in the puzzle. The forward line had a better structure with the half forwards pushing up the ground and helping at the stoppages, working back hard.

The team was full of run and moved the ball well with switch kicks and the number of handball receives up, indicating the preparedness to run, it created a comprehensive result.

The Tuck Plumbing Brett Jones Colts started slowly against CBC Fremantle, were second to the ball and lacked any intensity.

Because there was no ‘heat’ around the contest, CBC to controlled the tempo of the game.

Asked for a stronger effort after half time, North Beach responded, rediscovered their competitive spirit and fight. The damage, however, was done and the Beach lost by 69 points.

Match Details
O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       6.3          8.11        11.12     12.15     87
Swan Athletic    1.4          3.6             5.6         6.10      46
Goals – North Beach: Jarvis 4; Harwood, McGinnity 2; Stott, Bryan, Wilson, Cownie 1.
Best – North Beach: Nelli, Boys, Jarvis, Dwyer, Billi, Clarke, Ingham.

Credent Financial Services A-Reserves
North Beach      
4.2          7.7          12.8        15.14     104
Swan Athletic    1.2          2.3            3.3           5.3         33
Goals – North Beach: Potts 4; Green 3; Carmody, Burns 2; Bollen, Bowdell, Griffiths, McComiskie  1.
Best – North Beach: Green, Irvine, Sweeney, Collins, Vardy, Hackett. 

Townley Group D1-Grade
CBC Frem.           1.2          7.5          11.6        15.9        99
North Beach       5.3          7.4            9.7        12.7        79
Goals – North Beach: Foreman 4; Sajich 3; Begley, Campbell, Cosgrove, Dillon, Tindale 1.
Best – North Beach: Hortin-French, Cosgrove, Foreman, Miotti, Dillon.

Pana’s Pool Supplies E2-Grade
Hamersley-Carine 14.14 (98) def North Beach 5.10 (40)
Goals – North Beach: Smith 3; Dunne  2.
Best – North Beach: Austin, Dunne, Roost, Smith, Humphrey

Nuchange Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       3.4          7.5          9.7          11.10     76
Swan Athletic     2.0         4.2          5.2             5.2       32
Goals – North Beach: Cameron 3; Chapman, Clark 2; Walton, Lynch, Reid 1.
Best – Chapman,  De Courtenay, Gray, Walton, O’Gorman, Irvine.

Tuck Plumbing Brett Jones Colts
CBC Frem.           4.2          9.5          11.8        14.9        93
North Beach       0.1          2.2            2.6          3.7         25
Goals – North Beach: Ryan 2; Collins 1.
Best – North Beach: Ryan, Mcguire, Hooper, Ekert.