Beach Builds Platform


North Beach senior coach Ryan Mackenzie and his squad can look forward to a long weekend and a mid-season break satisfied with the platform they have laid in the first half of the season.

After dispensing with reigning premier Kingsway at Kingsway Reserve last Saturday, the Beach sits in second position on the ladder and is well placed to launch a serious finals assault.

Against Kingsway, the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade team controlled the balance of play, but struggled to shake off the tenacious Roos before hitting top gear in the final term to kick away and win by 45 points – 12.8 (80) to 5.5 (35).

A feature of the campaign to this stage of the season has been the efforts of some of the players who have earned opportunities and capitalised on the moment.

Nic Wells has been among them and again led the team superbly with a best-on-ground effort, while strong support came from the likes of Brayden Lawler and Craig Hoskins, while Riley Saunders was also lively up forward and Ned Halley was a rock in defence.

Ben Johnson, another who has been afforded a chance, kicked three goals with Shannon Lucassen.
The victory leaves North Beach nicely poised with the final game of the round to come next weekend against the freshly-elevated Bassendean.

The Lifenet A-Reserves took care of business, setting up a dominant performance in the first half when holding the Roos scoreless.

The Beach won the contested ball all day and were mostly disciplined playing to the game plan against a lesser side.

While a bit loose in the third term, they re-focussed in the last to win 13.18 (96) to 3.2 (20).

Skill errors and some decision making again let the Beach down on occasions, but the intent was generally good.

Liam Catalfamo responded well after dropping back from the seniors, Caolon O’ConnnellRiley HinkleyJarrad Chapman and Hamish Coulton were also influential.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts put the pedal to the metal in the third quarter as they capitalized on a solid first half and put the game beyond the reach of Kingsway on the way to solid 50-point victory.

The Beach used the wide open spaces of Kingsway Reserve to maximum effect with the players’ ability to run and carry and break lines contributing to the triumph.

Cody Connell kicked five goals, Kobi Martin played a variety of roles through the midfield, forward and in the ruck, while first year players Noah Coutas and Will Hunter were also impressive.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach      2.0         4.5         6.7         12.8       80
Kingsway            3.1         3.1         5.5         5.5        35
Goals – North Beach: Lucassen, Johnson 3; Hooper 2; Saunders, Beverley, Cranley, Josh Chapman.
Best – North Beach: Wells, Saunders, Lawler, Halley, Hoskins, Johnson.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach      4.2         8.9         11.12    13.18    96
Kingsway            0.0         0.0           1.1         3.2       20
Goals – North Beach: Campbell 3; Wickstein, Adler 2; D Webster, J Webster, Hall, Hiotis, Catalfamo, Purser.
Best – North Beach: Catalfamo, O’Connell, Hinkley, Chapman, Coulton.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach      2.1         5.2         9.3         13.4       82
Kingsway            0.1         2.1         4.2         5.2        32
Goals – North Beach: Connell 5; Nicholls, Coutas, O’Shea, Prior, Sparks, Martin, Moreschini, Rocke.
Best – North Beach: Connell, Martin, Coutas, Hunter.

Threes Go To School

The Hybrid Linings C4-Grade went to school last Saturday, receiving an education of the gap they need to close to compete with the competition’s best after confronting ladder leader Noranda.

A few silly errors – particularly late in quarters – gifted the opposition important red time goals and ultimately that proved costly in a 39-point defeat.

Despite the loss there were a number of positive signs with a number of 20 and 21-year-olds exposed to a more experienced, mature bodied midfield and they will be much better for it.

Jack O’Gorman was outstanding at centre half-forward, Jordan Brooks kicked four goals in a great return to form and Shane Duckworth‘s rebounding from the defensive 50 was good all day, with his kicking a highlight.

Mitch Tobin played his best game in the threes midfield and Ben TindallLucas Osborne and Isaac Seidner – all colts players two years ago – were very good against bigger opponents.

The Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves produced another dominant performance, romping to a 147-point victory over Noranda.

Levi Cooper was very dangerous again up forward, kicking seven goals while Mitch Hunt led the way with defensive pressure in the forward line and was duly rewarded with a few holding the ball free kicks that resulted in goals.

Christian Sisarich had his best game as a midfielder, Fletcher Llanwarne provided a heap of run on the wing while Michael Bramley played a very physical game, and Dan Ryan was opportunistic up forward providing the Beach with some additional class.

Jacob Fitzroy played his 150th in C4 Reserves and kicked a rare goal while Xavier Williamson played his 100th game in the Beyond Tools E1-Grade.

The Beyond Tools E1-Grade once again scrambled for numbers and it was reflected in a lop-sided scoreline of 20.20 (140) to 0.2 (2).

Unfortunately, it was the last game at the helm for coach Mark Foreman as Lynwood-Ferndale, last year’s grand final opponents, proved far too strong.

Connor Budimir again tried his heart out and has been brilliant for the 5’s this year. Brody Hinkley has reinvented himself this year and whilst it wasn’t his best game, he provided good leadership and continued to build on his season.

Sean Hill also worked hard while Bailey Russell also put his shoulder to the wheel.

The Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts returned to Charles Riley for their clash against Swan Athletic, the team from the valley that knocked the Beach out of last year’s finals series.

The group was looking for revenge and they certainly delivered, following the loss of a Beach family member during the week.

They were looking to do their team mate proud on the field with another solid performance. After a sluggish start Beach were ruthless all day with intense body work and non-stop run and gun football.

Led by Tyler Thomas in the midfield, Liam Donaghey down back and Peter Jolley up forward the group came together to deliver a very well-rounded performance, accurate goal kicking and consistent entries maintaining pressure on Swan Ath.

The Synkro A-Grade Women confronted another of the competition standard bearers and after a slow start were more competitive after half time on the way to losing to Warnbro 3.5 (23) to 4.8 (32).

The Beach raised the intensity after the main break and matched them physically. They almost managed to run down the Swans but struggled to convert chances.

Abby MaynardElysia BurvillClare DicksonEllen DuncanBeth Carey and Gabby Peacock were all solid contributors in a tough contest.

Hybrid Linings C4-Grade
Noranda             2.2         6.5         10.9       14.15    99
North Beach      3.3         4.4         8.5          9.6       60
Goals – North Beach: J Brooks 4; J Cameron 2; Samuels, Coleman, Tobin.
Best – North Beach: O’Gorman, Brooks, Tindall, Seidner, Tobin,  Osbourne.

Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves
North Beach      7.4         13.8       19.10    25.15    165
Noranda             1.0         1.0        2.0          3.0         18
Goals – North Beach:  Cooper 7; M Hunt 5; Lloyd 3; Ryan, Vozzo, Sisarich 2; Hingston, Persichitti, Bramley, Fitzroy.
Best – North Beach: Cooper, M Hunt, Sisarich, Llanwarne, Ryan, Bramley.

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
North Beach      3.1         8.5         12.8       16.10    106
Swan Athletic    0.3         2.3         2.5          2.6         18
Goals – North Beach: Jolley 7; Farrell 4; J Smith 2; , McNamara, Payne, R Rose.
Best – North Beach: T Thomas, M Caiacob, P Jolley, R Rose, R Smith, Z Farrell.

Beyond Tools E1-Grade
Lynwood Ferndale 20.20 (140) def North Beach 0.2 (2)
Best – North Beach: Budmir, Hinkley, Hill, Russell.

Synkro A-Grade Women
Warnbro            1.2         3.4         4.7         4.8         32
North Beach      0.1         1.3         2.3         3.5         23
Goals – North Beach: Mathews, Monaghan, Kuenen.
Best – North Beach: Maynard, Burvill, Dickson, Duncan, Carey, Peacock.

C4-Grade Women
North Beach – Bye

Grange Residential I-Grade
North Beach – Bye