Beach gets the job done

Bill Duckworth...preparing for another A-Grade finals campaign
Bill Duckworth...preparing for another A-Grade finals campaign

By Gary Stocks
The challenge against Maddington in the final qualifying round of the season was to get the job done.

To get through unscathed in all three grades and to put each of the A-grade teams in with the best opportunity to launch a successful finals campaign. Tick that box.

The game with the most hinging on it was the Phil Scott Colts encounter, with North Beach going into that match in sixth position, behind fifth-placed Mt Lawley on percentage.

Mt Lawley was playing fourth-placed Collegians in the last game while Maddington were sitting at the foot of the premiership table, winless. The challenge for the Beach was to score as heavily as possible, allowing for a possible upset in the other fixture.

The Beach were relentless in that respect, scoring 21.24 (150) to 3.4 (22). Retaining structure and focus was paramount in the quest for a big win and the Beach played disciplined, team football to secure a place in the finals.

A six-goal first term was followed by five in each of the last three and even if Mt Lawley had won (they lost by three goals), the Beach would have secured fifth place by virtue of a superior percentage.

That means the colts will now play Collegians in the elimination final at UWA Sports Fields on Saturday.

The A-Reserve team ensured they finished as minor premier with a convincing 12-goal win over Maddington, earning a break in the first week of the A-grade finals this week.

They were always in control against Maddington and cruised to victory.

Regardless of the outcome of the A-Grade encounter the North Beach seniors were going to play in the qualifying final this week and merely did enough to win.

It was by no means a commanding performance and coach Bill Duckworth was a little disappointed with the performance, although leading throughout and never seriously being challenged.

North Beach       3.4         6.6         8.6         10.6       66
Maddington        0.2         2.4         2.9         5.13      43
Goals – North Beach: Potts, McGinnity 3; Wilson 2; Langsford, Harwood 1.
Best – North Beach: Smith J Nunan, Boys, Sajich, Heap.

North Beach 16.13 (109) def Maddington 7.1 (43)
M Holbrook 7; Leishman 5.
M Holbrook, Irvine, Billi, S Holbrook, Scantlebury, Paap.

Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       6.9         11.14     16.20     21.24     150
Maddington        0.0           2.1         3.1         3.4         22
Goals – North Beach: Foreman, Mead 4; Campbell, Caccamo 3; Waymouth 2; Clarke, Fullwood, Hackett, Kickett, Miotti 1.
Best – North Beach: Kickett, Campbell, Clarke, Antonelli, Mead, Foreman.

Brett Jones Colts
CBC Fremantle 11.11 (77) def North Beach 4.6 (30)

Whitford 10.3 (63) def North Beach 3.7 (25)