Beach Takes Care Of Business


Taking care of business, looking after the things within their own control.

That might have been the mantra of the O’Rourke Realty A-Grade as they swept past Bassendean last Saturday.

While eying a top three spot has been on the agenda all season, the Beach sits one win behind second and third-placed Fremantle CBC and University. Winning might not be enough to elevate to a double chance, but they kept hopes alive with a 90-point drubbing of Bassendean.

On Saturday, they will again focus on completing their end of the assignment when they play Kingsway in the last qualifying match at Charles Riley Reserve.

Against Bassendean, a club promoted this season but facing immediate relegation, the Beach was essentially untroubled. Leading by 18 points at half-time, they put the hammer down and kicked 12 unanswered goals after the break.

Earlier the Lifenet A-Reserves produced a clinical display against Bassendean, playing with great system and cohesion to win by 20 goals – 18.13 (121) to 0.1 (1).

It was the method rather than the margin that was most impressive as the Beach carried high energy despite the weather and coming off the bye.

It saw an irresistible start when the Tigers kicked a third of their eventual total in non-stop rain when they were at their most competitive. Everyone played their role and stuck to the game plan, they won the contests through commitment and structure along with great use of the ball and some brilliant individual efforts.

The result was big score in the end and the opposition limping to the end with only 16 fit players.

Dylan Campbell was best afield upfront supported by Shannon Lucassen and Caolon O’Connell, Kade McKenzie and Matt Coleman continued their great form dominating inside while Josh Stott had his best game with three goals from the wing.

On paper the Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts faced the most challenging of the assignments against Bassendean – and so it transpired.

Bassendean were fighting for the chance to climb into the top five to have a crack at finals, but the Beach prevailed, winning by 11 points.

There was much on the line as the Beach was also looking to remain in top three calculations, away from home and in poor conditions.

Bassendean fought really well and made it a tough contest, but the Beach were just a bit cleaner with the ball in hand and were able to wear them down.

In the end it was a well-earned victory which is a perfect prelude to finals.

Better players Jared Thompson and Harrison Baxter were terrific down back while Brodie Everett was a tower in the ruck, James Cameron excelled on the wing, Luis Caccamo and Peter Coles were dangerous up forward and team leaders Justin Prior, Martin and Joshua Moses all contributed strongly.

If the Beach can get past Kingsway this week there is a strong possibility they will earn a double chance in the finals.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach      3.2         4.6         12.6       16.9       105
Bassendean       0.0         2.0         2.0          2.3         15
Best – North Beach: Hoskins, Saunders, Beverly, Hooper.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach      7.1         12.7       16.10    18.13    121
Bassendean       0.0         0.1           0.1        0.1           1
Goals – North Beach: Campbell, Johnson 4; Stott 3; Adler, Webster 2; Lucassen, O’Connell, McColgan.
Best – North Beach: Campbell, Lucassen, O’Connell, McKenzie, Coleman.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach      1.0         2.4         4.6         6.8         44
Bassendean       3.1         3.1         4.3         5.3         33
Goals – North Beach: Coles 2; Cameron, Caccamo, Connell, Prior.
Best – North Beach: Thompson, Everett, Baxter, Caccamo, Cameron, Coles.

Lower Grades Are Finals Ready

A perfect dress-rehearsal for the upcoming finals series would be the best way to describe the efforts of the lower grade teams in action last weekend.

The Hybrid Linings C4-Grade produced a dominant display for 100 minutes, putting an exclamation mark on a wonderful 2022 qualifying season. In doing so, the 50-point defeat of third-placed Forrestdale was a statement that will carry over into a return bout in this week’s Final.

From the first bounce, Riley Hinkley asserted his dominance in the ruck and continued in that vein for the four quarters. As a result, his midfield, led by Marc Crisp and Craig Hall continually won the clearances and set up play.

Up forward, Mitch Cameron (six goals) and Josh Cameron (two) were a constant headache for the opposition while down back, Jack Merson led a very miserly and disciplined defence.

As was the case at all venues, it was a challenging day for footy and for the Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves they combatted drenching rain for the entire game.

That didn’t stop them compiling a ruthless 47-point over Forrestdale. The Beach dominated the first quarter but couldn’t kick straight and that ensured a tight game until the last quarter where the boys finally started to get some reward for effort with a few goals.

Small forwards Jayden and Mitch Hunt were always threatening and Dan Ryan’s skill in the conditions was exceptional. Connor Hingston and Josh Tickner provided a strong physical presence at both ends of the ground, whilst Connor Pollard was clean and precise in the midfield.

The Indian Ocean Brett Jones Colts rounded off their work with a classy victory over Kalamunda in the last round of the regular season.

North Beach’s first half of football was one of the best displays of wet weather possible with incredible structure and execution giving Kalamunda little opportunity to impact the contest.

In the end it came down to a resounding defensive performance led by another standout game from Wil Dobson and a terrific game from Kyden Donohoe while Jonas Rocke was dangerous in front of goal and Adam Germans continued to flourish.

Down back Josh Simpson had a fantastic return and James Logan was unstoppable almost hitting double digit intercept marks.

The beach boys now enjoy a week off through the minor premiership and prepare hard to face the winner of University and Wanneroo.

The GJ Osplumb E4-Grade was outstanding against Ellenbrook to lock away second position on the ladder while the Beyond Tools E1-Grade had an interesting battle with Bassendean.

Hybrid Linings C4-Grade
North Beach      5.6         9.7         13.13    15.15    105
Forrestdale        2.1         5.3         5.3          8.7         55
Goals – North Beach: M Cameron 6; J Cameron 2; Rose, Seidner, Crisp, Wickstein, Rollo, Ekert, Merson.
Best – North Beach: R Hinkley, M Cameron, Crisp, Merson, Hall, J Cameron

Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves
North Beach      1.8         2.10       3.12       6.16       52
Forrestdale        0.1         0.3         0.5         0.5           5
Goals – North Beach: M Hunt, Hingston 2; Irvine, Zehnder.
Best – North Beach: J Hunt, Hingston, Pollard, Ryan, Tickner, M Hunt

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
North Beach      2.6         5.11       7.11       8.13       61
Kalamunda        0.2         0.2         2.4         2.4        16
Goals – North Beach: Rocke, Payne 2; J Smith, Donohoe, K Jones, Dobson.
Best – North Beach: K Donohoe, W Dobson, R Rose, J Logan, J Rocke, T Emes

Beyond Tools E1-Grade
Bassendean       3.2         4.2         7.4         8.5         53
North Beach      0.1         3.4         3.6         4.7         31

GJ Osplumb E4-Grade
North Beach      6.1         8.1         10.2       11.4       70
Ellenbrook         1.0         3.2         4.4        5.8        38

Women Score Finals Wins

The North Beach women’s teams both started their finals campaigns in positive fashion with victories over Kingsley in sudden death battles last weekend.

The Synkro A-Grade team produced pulsating win in the first finals appearance by this squad. The Beach started well and maintained the pressure in awful conditions (wet, cold and windy).

The key moment in the game was the second term when the Beach kept Kingsley goalless when they had the aid of a strong breeze. They gathered momentum as the game progressed, winning 4.2 (26) to 1.3 (9).

Steph Ball and Beth Carey were again outstanding through the midfield while wingers Abby Maynard and Ellen Duncan were also influential. Alice Di Vincenzo was supreme in the backline while Elysia Burvill was a constant forward threat.

The victory will give the Beach strong belief as they aim to progress through the finals series.

The C4-Grade had a tougher time of it, after a sluggish start and were forced to come from behind to win 4.9 (33) to 4.1 (25).

The Beach opened the game kicking into the heavy breeze and Kingsley took advantage to get a couple of goals up. While the Cats were good the Beach were down on intensity and were generally second to the ball.

When they had their chance with the breeze, the Beach squandered opportunities kicking mostly behinds to go into the half two goals down.

They lifted their intensity after half-time, started to hit the contest with purpose and forced the ball their way. A massive effort going against the breeze saw the game turn.

Kellie Ellis moved into the middle and created some run, while Anna Laycock, Bec Mirchef, Hannah Campbell, Megan Jones and Chelsea Cowling found a little extra in the second half.

Synkro A-Grade Women
North Beach      1.0         3.1         3.1         4.2         26
Kingsley              0.2         1.2         1.3         1.3         9
Goals – North Beach: Carey, Maynard, Roberts, Corney.
Best – North Beach: Ball, Di Vincenzo, Burvill, Maynard, Duncan, Carey.

C4-Grade Women
Elimination Final
North Beach      0.0         1.3         3.6         4.9         33
Kingsway            2.1         3.1         3.1         4.1         25
Goals – North Beach: M Jones 2; DelFante, Plant.
Best – North Beach: Ellis, Laycock, Mirchef, Campbell, Jones, Cowling.

Round 5 Wrap Up

Beach stalls against rampant CBC It was like North Beach were driving a pursuit car…