Beach women blitz

The chasm between A-Grade and B-Grade was illustrated in the Perth Football League men’s competition on Saturday when North Beach eclipsed Kingsley, the 2018 B-Grade premiers, at Charles Riley Reserve.

A few kilometres south, on the picturesque coast, a similar tale was told in the A-Grade women’s competition.

The North Beach Galleria A-Grade women tackled also tackled the B-Grade women’s premiers from last season, Cottesloe, and completed a shut-out – winning 8.10 (48) to 0.0 (0).

Considering it was on Cottesloe’s home deck that was an extraordinary performance in what has been and extraordinary start to the season.

The women’s team boasts a percentage of almost 1200 and while there are more challenging opponents ahead, they can do no more than they have in the opening three rounds where they have dominated the opposition.

In perfect conditions at Cottesloe Oval, providing arguably the best view from a footy ground in Perth, it’s also one of the smallest grounds at about 140m long and 100m wide.

The Beach made eight changes from the previous week with Jess Woolcott, Rhiannon Neville, Emma McKenzie, Amy McCarthy debuting for the club. Ash Pianto and Brooke Lloyd also played their first game for the season.

Jen Harris was superb in the ruck, with midfielder Sally Ford again best afield with her strong centre clearance work. Steph Ball was released from the backline to the midfield and was also outstanding, winning the inside footy but also providing great outside run and delivered the ball to the Beach forwards advantage.

Steph Dalton provided a strong marking target up forward kicking two goals and also created opportunities for our other forwards.

The backs lead by Alice Di Vincenzo, Taylisha Brown and captain Ellen Duncan were again superb with the team keeping Cottesloe scoreless for the match

Results, Round 5
O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       4.5          8.11        14.15     17.18     120
Kingsley               0.1          2.2            3.3          4.8          32
Goals – North Beach: Ekert, Hurley 3; Leishman, Cameron, Dwyer 2; McGuinness, Tothill, Deegan, Witheridge, Webster.
Best – North Beach: Gill, Cownie, Sheard, Hurley, Leishman, Gray, Witheridge, Dwyer.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       4.4          10.8        16.14     21.21     147
Kingsley               0.0          0.0           0.0          0.0            0
Goals – North Beach: Adler 4; Baroni, Brooks, O’Connell 3; Foley, Torre 2; Edwards, Hoskins, Ryan, B Irvine.
Best – North Beach: Ryan, Sweeny, B Irvine, Murray, Brooks, Black.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       1.6          2.7          4.8          6.9          45
Kingsley               0.2          3.5          5.6          5.9          39
Goals – North Beach: Purser 2; Wells, Thomas, Plane, Cahill.
Best – North Beach: Clinch, Burton, Martino, Sargant, Corbett.

Hybrid Linings D1-Grade
North Beach       4.3          9.4          11.5        13.7        85
Whitford              1.2          1.2            2.3          3.3        21
Goals – North Beach: Foreman 4; McColgan 3; Seaton, J Cameron, Hall, Henderson, De Rosa, Miotti.
Best – North Beach: M Collins, Marsh, Seaton, Hall, Vardy, Pardini.

Coast to Coast Imports D1-Reserves
North Beach       6.1          11.4        15.7        21.9        135
Whitford              2.0          2.0         2.2           2.2          14
Goals – North Beach: Cahill 4; Bryce, Ugle, Evans 3; Hogg 2; Miller, Campbell, Hinkley, Johnstone, Christie, Quinlan.
Best – North Beach:

Indi Bar Brett Jones Colts
North Beach       2.2          8.6          12.11     17.14     116
Cockburn Lakes 1.1          1.2            4.2          4.3          27
Goals – North Beach: Rollo 6; Kuppens, Blackburn, Gamble, Roberts, Rose, Tobin, Persichitti, Orr-Young, Emery, Craig, Cox.
Best – North Beach: Rose, Rollo, Tobin, Pollard, Ainsworth.

Beyond Tools E1-Grade
Coolbellup 11.15 (81) def North Beach 5.6 (36)
Goals – North Beach: Gardiner, Brown, Tonus, Payton.
Best – North Beach: Allison-Green, Thompson, Tonus, Staniforth.

GJ Osplumb E3-Grade
North Beach 7.13 (55) def Swan Valley 3.1 (19)
Goals – North Beach:
Best – North Beach: M Humphry, P Clark, Winterton, S Clark, Panagopoulos.

Galleria Toyota A-Grade women
North Beach       2.3          4.5          6.7          8.10        48
Cottesloe            0.0          0.0          0.0          0.0         0
Goals – North Beach: Dalton, Lindsay, Merrett 2; Woolcott, Zipfel.
Best – North Beach: Ford, Dalton, Harris, Brown, Ball, Di Vincenzo.