Beach Talent Pool Runs Deep

By Gary Stocks

The depth of talent at North Beach was tested and shone through brightly in a round four contest against Stirling on Saturday.

With star forward Mitch Holbrook and a handful of other senior players unavailable through injury, the reserves of talent were tested. As if that were not enough the injuries were also racked up during the game, with the Tigers finishing with 17 fit players.

Regardless of that situation, the Beach rose above it to score an emphatic 50-point victory and most pleasing for coach Bill Duckworth would have been the performance of some of the younger players.

Josh Bollen was outstanding throughout, as were Luke Hendriks and Micky Bryan while Mitch Dwyer made a ubiquitous debut. In combination with the experienced Jackson Harwood, Shane Paap and Luke Smith, the Beach had all the answers.      

This week against University marks the annual Gary Tait and a big crowd is expected, with a large representation of past players. It should be an absorbing contest.

North Beach       2.3          5.9          9.11        12.13     85
Stirling                 1.1          2.3          3.5           5.5        35
Goals – North Beach: Bollen 3; McGinnity, Paap 2; Bryan, C Pearce, Hack, Brennan, Perkin 1.
Best – North Beach: Bollen, Hendriks, Harwood, Bryan, Smith.

The A-Reserves aimed to bond together after a disappointing round three loss and the ploy from coach Michael Pratt produced the desired result.

A short bus trip to Stirling – albeit it a longer ride home – saw the Beach score an emphatic 116-point victory.

Leigh Brooks, Rob McComiskie and Matt Allan were all in good form, with Pratt keen for that touch to continue against a much stronger University combination this week.

North Beach       3.6          11.7        16.12     19.17     131
Stirling                 0.1          1.1           1.3        2.3           15
Goals – North Beach: Brooks, Jacobs 4; Fishlock 3; S Holbrook 2; Allan, McComiskie, Nunan, Collins 1.
Best – North Beach: Brooks, R McComiskie, Nunan, Allan.

The rampaging E-Grade combination maintained their unbeaten start to the season with a dominant performance against Swan Athletics.

Forwards Sam Keeley, Nick Morling and Jason Plant lapped up the brilliant supply from the midfield to kick 20 goals between them while Curtis Hogg was superb through the midfield and Chris Goosch was outstanding in the ruck.

Coach Kane Kuenen has his team firing and will be anxious for those efforts to continue as stronger challengers loom.

North Beach       7.3          15.9        22.11     28.15     183
Swan Athletic    0.0          0.0            0.1         0.1            1
Goals – North Beach: Keeley 8; Morling 7; Plant 5; Coutts, T Langsford 2; Thomas, Rees, Vry, Bundy 1.
Best – North Beach:  C Hogg, Morling, Plant, Keeley, Gooch, Bates.

The E-Reserves also scored an important and emphatic victory against Swan Athletic, cruising to an 84-point triumph.

It was a solid all-round team performance which carried the team to success and both Kane Kuhnen and Steve Morrissey will look to freshen both sides this weekend as they each have a bye. 

North Beach       14.12 (96) defeated Swan Athletic 2.0 (12)

Goals – North Beach: Chapman 5; Gaunt 4; Natman 2; Pike, DJ, Frazer 1.
Best – Bowdan, DJ, Chapman, P Cavanagh, Mears.

The G-Grade produced a disappointing effort against Stirling, with coach Pete Panagopoulos asking for a for committed team effort in future.

He believes his team has some individual talent, but the team aspect has not been embraced.

Stirling                 3.4          5.8          11.11     15.14     104
North Beach       2.0          3.1             3.1       3.4         22
Goals – North Beach: Carroll , Miskos 1.
Best – North Beach: Carroll, Dyer, Ives.

At times the Phil Scott Colts produced some irresistible football against Stirling, but lapses in concentration allowed the opposition to remain in touch before scoring a 21-point victory.

With Jordan Kickett providing a target in attack and a winning midfield supplying opportunity, the Beach were never really under serious threat, but could have won more convincingly.

Ben Clark was outstanding through the midfield, Shane Duckworth relished the opportunity to play at centre half-back, while Jeff Waldock, Jacob Griffths and Ben DaRosa were also in good touch.    

Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       4.2          7.5          8.11        10.13     73
Stirling                 3.0          6.1          7.2            8.4        52
Goals – North Beach: Kickett 3; Griffiths, Knott 2; Cosgrove, Graham, Waldock 1.
Best – North Beach: B Clark, S Duckworth, Waldock, Griffiths, Sweeney, DaRosa, Knott.

Wasted opportunities were the story of the Brett Jones colts’ defeat.

Just even goals from 22 scoring shots saw them slip to a 22-point loss to Melville. While that defeat was disappointing, the work and commitment of the players was unquestionable.

Led by Daniel Bavcevich through the midfield and across half-back, wingman Rory Herbert, centreman Josh Stott and ruckman-forwards Cal Robinson and Chris Mead were also under notice.

Jarrod McMorran was also under notice in the last line of defence, thwarting many of Melville’s attacking moves.

Brett Jones Colts
Melville               4.5          5.10        8.12        11.13     79
North Beach       3.3          5.6          5.11       7.15       57
Goals – North Beach: Stott 2; C Robinson, Slatter, Mead, Christie, Berry 1.
Best – North Beach: Bavcevich, Herbert, Stott, Robinson, Mead, McMorran.