Exquisite display from A-Grade teams

Ned Halley has been in strong form down back

It took just a few minutes for the O’Rourke Realty North Beach A-Grade team to make a statement of intent against Kingsley on Saturday.

Responding to their first loss of the season, when they did not play their way, the Beach exploded out of the blocks, were dominant through the midfield, stingy in defence and creative forward of centre.

The rebound out of the back half was important with Dan Leishman producing an outstanding display, with Luke Symonds and later Simon Tunbridge. The ball use out of transition was exquisite.

With Kyle Cranley back to his best, Blake Piggott, Mitch Gill and Sam Lamont controlling the middle and the likes of James Garcia, Adam Cockie and Beau Witheridge influential, the Beach kicked seven goals for the term, laying an impregnable platform for victory.

Additionally, Ryan Ekert and Mitch Holbrook provided strong marking targets and the game was never under question after that blistering opening.

The result was a dominant 64-point victory which would have been greater had the level of the first three quarters been maintained in the last. With the four points securely in the bank, the Beach dropped off the intensity in the last 20 minutes.

The growth of a couple of younger players in the team has also been satisfying in the first five rounds with Ned Halley again resolute in defence while Madoc Plane is settling in to senior football after graduating from the colts.

The Lifenet A-Reserves made a similar – if even more authorative statement – in the opening stanza of their clash.

They were simply irresistible against a lacklustre opponent, rattling on nine goals in the first 18 minutes of the game. By quarter time key forward Ben Johnson and Adam Swain had three goals apiece and they continued in that vein for the remainder of the match.

Johnson finished with nine goals while Swain was neck and neck with him for best on ground honours with a wonderful four-quarter effort through the midfield.

The result was a commanding 126-point triumph, the Beach adding a further eight goals with the aid of the breeze in the third term.

Naturally, in a dominance of that magnitude, there were winners all over the ground, with Tim Edwards and Nic Bowe also wielding a strong influence through the middle while Matt Murray and Ben Sweeny repelled countless Cats attacking moves and then launched forward assaults of their own.

The Plastewise Phil Scott Colts started by punching into the breeze but set up victory when they ledf by two goals at the first change.

With strong targets up forward through Tai Kirkpatrick and Caiden Eaton, who kicked eight between them, Lachlan Scurria, Jackson Martino and Jack McIntosh, the Beach consolidated in the second term and then posted an impressive 45-point victory – 12.10 (82) to 5.7 (37).

The lower grades – in the absence of the Hybrid Linings C5-Grade, the Coast to Coast Imports C5-Reserves and the Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts – all of whom had byes, were represented by the Beyond Tools C4-Grade and the GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves.

As has been the case all year, they have been asked to punch above their weight because of the nature of the season, and that was again the case when they played Forrestfield in both grades.

The Beyond Tools C4-Grade lost by 140 points despite the best efforts of Shane Duckworth, Xavier Williamson , Mark Sadler and Co while it was a similar margin for the GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves.

While beaten by an opposition’s senior teams they get great kudos and respect from our club for continuing to represent the club proudly.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach       7.2          9.4          15.5        16.7        103
Kingsley               0.1          1.3          1.6            5.9          39
Goals – North Beach: Ekert 5; Deegan, Garcia 3; Piggott 2, Cockie, McGuinness, Dwyer.
Best – North Beach: Leishman, Piggott, Garcia, Symonds, Lamont, Witheridge, Tunbridge, Deegan.

Lifenet A-Reserves
North Beach       9.1          11.4        19.4        21.9        135
Kingsley               0.0          0.1         0.1         1.3             9
Goals – North Beach: Johnson 9; Edwards, Swain 3; Brooks, Wells 2; Foley, Webster.
Best – North Beach: Johnson, Swain, Brooks, Bowe, Edwards, Murray, Sweeny.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       3.2          5.5          8.8          12.10     82
Kingsley                1.2          2.4          4.6            5.7       37
Goals – North Beach: Tai 5; Eaton 3.
Best – North Beach: Tai, Scurria, Martino, Cooper, Bothe, Prior, McIntosh.

Beyond Tools C4-Grade
Forrestdale 26.17 (173) def North Beach 4.5 (29)
Goals – North Beach: Cooper 2; Darcy, Dewar.
Best – North Beach: Duckworth, Evans, Tobin, Williamson, Cooper, Sadler.

GJ Osplumb C4-Reserves
Forrestdale 26.15 (171) def North Beach 4.4 (28)