Highest honour on offer

Last year, club stalwart Novak “Jesus” Smith was honoured with the highest accolade available at North Beach.

The North Beach Football Club has been fortunate over the years to have some outstanding individuals helping to build the club we know today.

Nominations are now open for the highest individual honour – that of life membership.

The process is that any nominations for that distinction, which should be directed to club stalwarts Steve Cuzens (stevecuzens@iinet.net.au) or Jarrod O’Rourke ( jarrad2@orourke.com.au, ) .

The criteria is as follows: 

Please see criteria below:

From the Club Constitution on NBFC website

12.4 Life Membership;

(a) Life Membership is the highest award and honour that can be bestowed on any Member of the Association.

(b) Members will be nominated for Life Membership of the Association at the discretion of the Management Committee.

(c) The privileges of Life Membership are being exempt from paying some or all annual membership fees and entrance fees to the annual presentation night of the Association.

(d) Life Membership may be awarded to any Member or former Member who has rendered outstanding or meritorious service to the Association as a player, office bearer or volunteer over a minimum period of 10 years.

(e) A Life Membership committee (“Life Membership Committee”), which consists of a minimum of five current Life Members and is appointed by the Management Committee, will:

(i) annually review the history and service of Members and former Members whom they consider eligible and worthy of Life Membership; and

(ii) consider any nominations for Life Membership submitted in writing, with supporting evidence, by a minimum of 2 Voting Members.

(f) The Life Membership Committee will be reviewed and appointed on or around 30 June – Mid July each year by the Management Committee. The Life Membership Committee can consist of Life Members that have previously sat on the Life Membership Committee.

(g) For the sake of clarification, players of the Association who have played 150 games, or any other given number of games, are not automatically eligible for Life Membership. Nor should a player who has not played 150 games, or any given number, be considered ineligible for Life Membership.

(h) The Life Membership Committee shall advise the Management Committee of nominations and their recommendations. Should the nominee be a current member of the Management Committee, the nomination must be forwarded directly to the President.

(i) Before a Life Membership nomination can be passed on to the Management Committee for voting in accordance with clause 12.4(j), below, the Life Membership Committee must approve of the nomination by no less than a 75% majority.

(j) The Management Committee must approve the nomination by no less than a 75% majority in a secret written ballot for Life Membership to be awarded.