Maximum effort, no reward

Michael Schofield....has stepped up in defence
Michael Schofield….has stepped up in defence
By Gary Stocks
Some defeats are acceptable, on the basis that a team has given all that it could, but found the opposition insurmountable.

Such was the case for the O’Rourke Realty North Beach A-Grade team last week. They gave all they could individually and collectively, but could not get past the formidable Trinity Aquinas combination.

When David Hynes and his coaching panel sat down to assess the match last week, they could put a tick alongside the boxes next to work ethic, passion, pressure, commitment and unity. Ordinarily, that would also mean a tick on the scoreboard – but not in this instance.

While the Beach boys wrung every ounce of effort out of their collective, the class of Trinity Aquinas prevailed to win by 23 points – 13.8 (86) to 9.9 (63).

While the young, developing Beach seniors have won six of 15 games this season and sit ion seventh position, it could be argued that this performance was their best of the season against one of the competition benchmarks.

Trinity Aquinas boasts a sprinkling of AFL and WAFL experience and it was a great opportunity for the Beach to take notes from players who had been successful at higher levels, including opposition captain-coach Quinten Lynch, who enjoyed a successful career at the West Coast Eagles and Collingwood.

Young defenders Michael Schofield and Jack O’Gorman have benefitted from playing against the likes of Lynch and former Fremantle pair Ryan Murphy and Brett Peake in recent weeks and they can take those learnings as they move forward with their own careers.

While Trinity Aquinas held sway in this contest there was reason for much excitement through the performances of that pair and others – like Kyle Cranley, Reece Holdman, Ryan Ekert and Kieren Yakas.

While the Beach never looked likely to win, they certainly challenged their fancied opponents and took away a chunk of belief as they prepare for another confrontation with premiership contender Wesley Curtin this week.

The Credent Financial Services A-Reserves had an interesting battle with top-of-the-table TAs, making a slow start, surging in the third quarter and then falling away in the last quarter on the way to a 13-point loss.

Given they were able to produce quality football for only 20 minutes and still fall short by only a couple of goals, Scott Holbrook and his charges will take some confidence away from the finals with the finals looming.

Andrew Nunan, Kris Hackett, Tyler Vick, Brennen Irvine, Jarrod Chapman and Rob Scantlebury were consistent performers in a team that struggled for a level effort throughout.

The Coast to Coast Imports Phil Scott Colts continue to take all before them, with another polished performance in despatching Trinity Aquinas by 10 goals.

Again there were winners all over the ground and competition for places within this exceptional is driving quality displays. Sometimes that can lead to selfish efforts, but that has not been evident in this team which works so hard for each other.

The Cabling Network Solutions D1-Grade carved out and ugly victory against Wesley Curtin – one of those games where you leave, satisfied the job is done, spend little time analysing it and then cast forward.

In a game that never reached great heights, the Beach endured by 42 points, with Aaron Miller, Shaheed Duke, Ryan Hart and Simon Pearce leading the charge.

The Express Bins E1-Grade also racked up a solid seven-goal victory against Swan Athletic, another team that is mid table.

With coach Novak Smith leading the way with four goals, support coming from Michael Missikos, Michael Quartermain, Mitch Clarke and Owen Collins, the Beach carried too much arsenal for their opponents.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
Trinity Aquinas   3.1         7.4         9.9         13.8       86
North Beach         1.2         3.3         6.6          9.9        63
Goals – North Beach: Cranley 4; Ekert 3; Bottechia, Webster.
Best – North Beach: Cranley, Holdman, Sajich, Dwyer, Yakas.

Credent Financial Services A-Reserves
Trinity Aquinas   2.4         4.7         5.8         7.11       53
North Beach         0.1         1.4         5.5          5.8        38
Goals – North Beach: Hall 2; DeCourtenay, Irvine, Spencer.
Best – North Beach: Nunan, Hackett, Vick, Irvine, Chapman, Scantlebury.

Coast to Coast Imports Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       2.2         5.5         8.9         14.11     95
Trinity Aquinas   1.0         4.0         4.3         5.5       35
Goals – North Beach: Adler 3; Gerrand, Holden 2; Campbell, Desmond, Halley, Higgins, Hooper, Lowndes, McCarthy.
Best – North Beach: Evans, Halley.

Cabling Network Solutions D1-Grade
North Beach 8.12 (60) def Wesley Curtin 2.6 (18)
Goals – North Beach: Hart 2; Christie, S Duckworth, Orr-Young, Temm, Zehnder, Billi.
Best – Miller, Hart, Duke, Pearce.

Express Bins E1-Grade
North Beach       2.5         6.6         9.8         11.11     77
Swan Athletic     0.2         1.3         3.6         4.7       31
Goals – North Beach: Smith 4; Missikos 2; Collins, Holdman, Kennedy, Vry.
Best – North Beach: Quartermain, Clark, Collins, Kennedy.