North Beach opens with strong title defence

Defending premiers North Beach began its A-grade title defence in style against West Coast Cowan last Saturday, scoring a convincing 27-point victory.

Never seriously under threat, the Tigers controlled general play and won 14.8 (92) to 10.5 (65) with Brent Stewart carrying on from he left off last season by producing a best on ground effort.

Stewart, the BJ Giles medallist in the grand final triumph over Wembley, was again in outstanding touch across half-back and took many strong marks.

He received solid support from the ultra-consistent Ben Heap, while Simon Pearce, “Chooka” Ingham and Shane Paap were also influential players. Up forward, Mitch Holbrook capitalized on the work further upfield with four goals.

This week the Beach play Wesley Curtin at Charles Riley Reserve in another match which will present an interesting challenge.

It was a productive weekend for the club, with the only loss coming in a keenly contested A-reserve match against West Coast.

The Tigers kicked a wasteful 6.10 (46) and led to three-quarter time, before West Coast produced three final term goals, taking their tally to 9.4 (58), which equated to a 12 point win.

Chris Gooch was outstanding in the ruck, with support coming from Gordon Leggett, Andrew Langsford and Chris Raynor, but unfortunately it was not enough to steer the Beach to victory.

Phil Scott Colts
The Phil Scott colts had the privilege of playing in the curtain-raiser to the West Coast Eagles – Port Adelaide game at Subiaco Oval on Sunday and relished the experience.

For most of the players it was the biggest occasion of their short careers and after a tense struggle endured by eight points 6.15 (51) to 7.1 (43). While North Beach dominated in general play, that was not reflected on the scoreboard and only in kicking the last couple of goals was victory assured.

North Beach went inside 50 more than twice as often as the opposition, but failed to make the most of the opportunities.

Captain Matt Power set a wonderful example through the midfield, while Alex Hack was influential in the ruck, Josh Schmook was important on a wing, particularly in the second half, while Josh Bubnich worked hard through the midfield and Rory O’Kane was dangerous deep in attack.

The E-grade side was also in total control against West Coast Cowan, winning 17.14 (116) to 3.11 (29) – the victory set up with a brilliant second half which saw the Tigers slam on 10 goals to one.

Tim Langsford was in brilliant touch with Ryan Bebich, Luke Hall and Nick Morling, who kicked five goals, also strong performers.

Rebounding from a disappointing start to the season, the E-Reserve side produced some quality football in out-pointing West Coast Cowan in every aspect of the game.

After holding the opposition goal-less in the first half, victory was assured with a powerful burst in the “premiership” quarter, piling on five goals to one. That was catalyst for a convincing 42-point victory – 10.9 (69) to 3.9 (27).

The desire and pressure around the football were decisive factors while all players were able to sustain their efforts. Shaun Reynolds, Tyson Barry and Russell Normoyle gave eye-catching displays while Scott Rauchenburger and Cameron Alco were also solid contributors.

West Coast Eagles Colts
A total domination across the ground saw North Beach blitz Melville in scoring a 152-point victory – 24.21 (165) to 2.1 (13).

As the scoreline would suggest, the Tigers controlled every area of the ground. Set up by the ruck work of Fraser Graham and through the running efforts of Tyson Rudd, Joel Fishlock and Wayne Wallis, the team marched to victory.

Nathan Holden, Simon Wilson, Matt Ioppolo and a host of others also wreaked havoc in a performance which was almost flawless.


North Beach 14.8 (92) def West Coast Cowan 10.5 (65)
Goalscorers: M Holbrook 4; C Pearce, Paap 2; Mossop,
Heap, McGinnity, Fong, Bajars, Boys 1.
Best: Stewart, Heap, Ingham, S Pearce, Paap.

North Beach 17.14 (116) def West Coast Cowan 3.11 (29)
Goalscorers: Morling 5; Plant, Goldia, Rice 2.
Best: T Langsford, Bebich, Hall, Turner, Morling.

North Beach 6.10 (46) lost to West Coast Cowan 9.4 (58) Goalscorers: Green 2; Brooks, Potts, Weston, Todd.
Best: Gooch, Leggett, Kingma, Raynor, A Langsford, Weston.


North Beach 10.9 (69) def West Coast Cowan 3.9 (27) Goalscorers: Normoyle, Reynolds 2; O’Mara, Wyatt,
Burke, Cavanagh, Maynard, Parnell 1.
Best: Reynolds, Barry, Normoyle, Rauchenburger, Alco.

Phil Scott Colts

North Beach 6.15 (51) def West Coast Cowan 7.1 (43) Goalscorers: Hall, O’Kane 2; Hack, Ongley 1.
Best: Power, Willett, Collins, Hack, Schmook, O’Kane.

West Coast Eagles colts
North Beach 24.21 (165) def Melville 2.1 (13)
Goalscorers: Rudd 4; Bowers, Ioppolo, Vry 3; Graham,
Fishlock, Wilson, Coutts 2; Arnup, Wallis, Holden 1.
Best: Wallis, Rudd, Fishlock, Graham, Ioppolo, Batty.