Physical assault rocks Hawks

By Gary Stocks
A disciplined and ruthless North Beach performance, the ferocity of which initially rocked Mt Lawley, set the Tigers on the path to successive A-Grade victories in the WA Amateur Football League on Saturday.

A fierce attack on the football, strong link running and clean, efficient ball use were trademarks of the Beach performance as they set up a 65-point victory over the Hawks – 15.10 (100) to 5.5 (35).

The only blemish in a near flawless opening 25 minutes came when conceding a final minute goal after giving away an undisciplined free kick.

The standard was set through the midfield where Tim Nelli, Rob McComiskie and Kyle Riemann were irresistible, while wingman Josh Stott and half-forward Josh McGinnity were also particularly lively, while Kyle Holden, Joe Boys and Jackson Harwood made the most of persistent opportunities.

Defensively, strong rebound was generated by Adrian Clark and Alex Bill and good lock-down work was performed by Tim Langsford and Anthony Ingham.

After establishing control early, the Beach never relinquished its hold on the game and led by 47 points as rain began to fall on the stroke of half-time.

The situation was exacerbated when young defender Ned Melvin received concussion in the first term and played no further part.

With persistent rain for much of the second half, skilful ball use became tougher to execute and the margin did not blow out as a result. But the Beach was never threatened and now prepares to take on league pace-setter Wesley-Curtin at South Oval next Saturday.

The A-Reserves kept their unbeaten record intact with another clinical victory.

It seems they always have the answers on the rare occasions when challenged and posted a strong 11.15 (81) to 5.1 (31) triumph.

Michael Italiano, virtually beating down the door to an A-Grade opportunity, set the early standard through the midfield while the young defence, led by Riley Carter and others, who enjoyed the presence of Jamie Sajich, held sway throughout.

Micky Bryan and Craig Hoskins capitalised on the good work of ruckman Dave Martin while in attack Cale Potts and Sam Green in conjunction with Ben Wilson always looked threatening.

Unfortunately, the performance was soured by an early injury to Shane Duckworth, who has fractured his left ankle.

The D1-Grade continued its sizzling start to the season with a 148-point thumping of Mt Lawley.

In control throughout, the   Beach was relentless and is playing with great confidence and energy.

The D1-Reserves fell to Mt Lawley by seven points while the E2-Grade was too strong for Kinsgley.

In a physical contest North Beach took it up to Mt Lawley in the D1-Reserves encounter, but struggled to push beyond half-forward.

A great effort from Mark Langsford to shut down a former Sandover Medallist,  after being called up only two hours before the game.  The same commitment every week will bring its rewards, as Mt Lawley is the benchmark of the 4s.

The E2-Grade made 10 changes and it took a couple of quarters to get the flow going, but in the end a great effort against Kingsley’s third side saw the Beach score a convincing win.

With new faces and limited resources, the players showed the strong desire and commitment so evident in the fifths.

The two colts teams suffered defeats at the hands of Mt Lawley as they strive to adjust to the transition from junior football. While some clubs are playing 20-year-olds North Beach has a policy of promoting players in that age bracket to senior ranks.

Both the Phil Scott and Brett Jones teams were beaten by 55 points.

The Phil Scott Colts were again highly competitive, but crucial turnovers proved costly. The scoreboard did not reflect the keenness of the contest, but Mt Lawley was also a little more productive in terms of ball use.  

North Beach started the Brett Jones Colts match as they had the previous week, with great intensity and attack at the football and went goal for goal with Mt Lawley through the first quarter.

In the second quarter North Beach had just as much of the football, but was unable to use the ball as efficiently as Mt Lawley kicked four goals to North Beach’s four points.

After half time, the more mature Mt Lawley out-muscled the young North Beach team and the Hawks powered their way to a comfortable 10 goal win. The most pleasing aspect was that the North Beach youngsters showed great character and fight to continually put in 100% effort against the clearly more physically mature opponent.

North Beach       5.3          9.6          14.7        15.10     100
Mt Lawley           1.0          2.1            4.3           5.5         35
Goals – North Beach: Harwood 4; Boys 3; Riemann 2; Nelli, McComiskie, McGinnity, Witheridge, A Langsford, Holden.
Best – North Beach: McComiskie, McGinnity, Riemann, Ingham, Witheridge, Harwood, Nelli, Boys.

North Beach       4.2          5.7          7.10        11.15     81
Mt Lawley           1.1          3.1          4.1           5.1        31
Goals – North Beach: Potts 3; Bowdell, Italiano 2; Carter, Wilson, Cranley, Hoskins.
Best – North Beach: Italiano, Sajich, Wilson, Green, Bryan, Potts, Martin, Cownie.

North Beach       6.3          14.6        20.9        27.13     175
Mt Lawley           2.0          2.0           3.0          4.3          27
Goals – North Beach: Kickett 12; Foreman 9.
Best – North Beach: Carmody, Kickett, Vardy, Foreman, Horton-French, Cosgrove.

Mt Lawley          
2.2          4.5          5.7          6.8          44
North Beach       2.0          3.2          4.5          5.7          37
Goals – North Beach: M Langsford, Carroll, Kelly, Mahony, Styles.
Best – North Beach: M Langsford, Fitzroy, Jacobs, Pope, Ammon, Vander Kraats.

North Beach       3.3          3.4          4.9          7.11   (53)
Kingsley               1.2          1.3          1.6          2.14  (26)
Goals – North Beach:  Smith 3; Abbott, Brown, King, Keunen 1.
Best – North  Beach:  Staniforth, Rondas, Abbott, Li , P Cavanagh.

Phil Scott Colts

Mt Lawley           3.1          5.6          8.7          10.12     72
North Beach       1.2          1.4          1.4            2.5        17
Goals – North Beach:  J Cuzens , Reid 1.
Best – North Beach: B Irvine, J Hackett, Reid, Gray, B.Bubnich, O’Gorman.

Brett Jones Colts
Mt Lawley           5.1          9.2          12.3        17.5        107
North Beach       2.2          4.4            6.8         7.10         52
Goals – North Beach: Byrne 2; O Collins, E Cuzens, Evans, Stacey, Tonus 1.
Best – North Beach: Spies, kert, Tonus, Angelev.

*Further details on all grades will be posted as they become available