Remo leads the way

Kyle Riemann slides in to mark against Hamersley-Carine
Kyle Riemann slides in to mark against Hamersley-Carine
By Gary Stocks
Veteran Kyle Riemann, recognising the need to step up and take charge of a situation fast looking disastrous, did precisley that and led North Beach to a crucial victory against Hamersley-Carine at Charles Riley Reserve last Saturday.
The O’Rourke Realty A-Grade combination needed to stave off the bottom-of-the-table Hawks and it was looking ominous when they kicked the first three goals of the match.
But senior players Riemann, Mitch Dwyer and Steve Bandy responded to that dangerous situation and in conjunction with ruckman Dave Martin ensured the Beach were level at quarter-time.
From that moment forward the Beach was never comfortable, but was simply doing enough to win – and the four points that came with a 16-point victory ensured the Tigers leap-frogged Collegians into third place.
The challenge is now to sustain that position to earn a crucial double chance when the finals series opens in three weeks’ time.
Riemann eventually finished with five goals and was inspirational through the midfield and up forward, while Dwyer consistently won the hard ball and Bandy provided the run and carry so desperately needed against the plucky Hamersley-Carine.
The Beach will need to take their game to another level over the closing two rounds as a lead-in to a finals series which should prove intriguing.
Indeed, the A-Grade competition is poised for an enthralling final two rounds of qualifying matches with the ramifications of victory or defeat carrying high stakes. The only assured outcome is that Hamersley-Carine will return to B-Grade with competition intense for the last position in the five as well as the battle to avoid relegation with the Hawks.
The Credent Financial Services A-Reserves produced another dour and determined performance to keep their unblemished record intact against a feisty Hamersley-Carine.
It was a tradesman-like performance from the Beach who simply wore down the opposition with a disciplined, team-oriented effort which eventually saw them win by a comfortable 43 points.
They quietly, but efficiently build their lead and it was surprising to glance at the scoreboard and find the margin as decisive after a keenly contested game. Reece Burns was best on ground with a brilliant effort through the midfield, Byron Boys, Luke Smith and Jake Robinson were resolute in defence and experienced ruckman Simon Pearce was again influential.
The Nuchange Phil Scott Colts, after a slow start, powered home in the final three quarters to score an emphatic 107-point victory over Hamersley-Carine.
After scores were level at quarter-time, the Beach assumed control and kicked 17 goals to one thereafter, with a neat blend of attack and defence proving insurmountable for their opponents.
Bronson Leo and Riley Carter were outstanding in defence while Brendan Collins provided an insatiable midfield with first use of the ball. Michael Hutchings, Nic Reid, Jacob Hackett and Joel Gray feasted on those offerings while Nathan Willmott and Terry O’Brien, who kicked seven goals, finished off that good work.
An administrative mis-communication saw the Tuck Plumbing Brett Jones Colts under pressure from the outset against the highly rated Fremantle CBC. The start time had been taken forward 45 minutes, but that was not conveyed and the Beach started on the back foot.
Preparation was compromised and the Beach was never in the contest, though their endeavour could not have been questioned.
Eventually they went down by 81 points, but under the circumstances, that was not surprising. Tim Grapiglia, Max Forslind and Mat Baker were solid contributors for the Beach.
The Townley Group D1-Grade shored up second position on the ladder with a comfortable 30-point win over neighbourhood rival Whitford – winning 14.5 (89) to 8.11 (59).
Kent Traeger was outstanding in defence along with Jamie Cosgrove, while Curtis Hogg and Robbie Ewen lit up the midfield and Nick Morling and Mark Foreman finished off the work up forward, kicking nine goals between them.
For the Clipstar D1-Reserves, it was another case of being in the game until the closing minutes, but failing to seal the deal when defeated by 12 points by Whitford.
That situation was not aided by finishing the game with 16 players, but Ross Holdman, Luke Ferreri, Cain Mahoney and Tony Mirabile certainly worked hard throughout.
Pana’s Pool Supplies E2-Grade, suffered a heart-stopping one-point defeat against Wanneroo, leaving them the prospect of this week beating top team Thornlie to ensure a place in the finals.
The Beach turned 16 points in front at three-quarter time, but could not sustain the effort in the final term despite the best efforts of Phi, Barwick and Pike.
O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach 3.1 5.4 9.12 10.16 76
Ham-Carine 3.1 5.3 6.7 9.8 62
Goals – North Beach: Riemann 5; Dwyer 2; Casey, Harwood, Holden 1.
Best – North Beach: Dwyer, Riemann, Bandy, Casey, Witheridge.
Credent Financial Services A-Reserves
North Beach 0.2 2.7 5.9 9.10 64
Ham-Carine 1.1 2.3 2.3 3.3 21
Goals – North Beach: Bowdell, Chamberlain, Sitters 2; Irvine, Wilson, Potts 1.
Best – North Beach: Burns, Boys, Smith, Robinson, S Pearce.
Nuchange Phil Scott Colts
North Beach 2.2 9.6 12.11 19.14 128
Ham-Carine 2.2 3.2 3.3 3.3 21
Goals – North Beach: O’Brien 7; Hutchings, Willmott 2; Begley, Golisano, Hackett, Leo, Marchin-Vincent, McPhee, Reid, Tincknell 1.
Best – North Beach: O’Brien, Hackett, Gray, Hutchings, Reid, Leo, Willmott, Collins.
Tuck Plumbing Brett Jones Colts
Fremantle CBC 6.2 9.3 11.8 15.9 99
North Beach 0.1 1.1 2.4 2.6 18
Goals – North Beach: Baker 2.
Best – North Beach: Grapiglia, Forslind, Baker.
Townley Group D1-Grade
North Beach 3.1 6.4 9.5 14.5 89
Whitford 1.5 4.5 6.9 8.11 59
Goals – North Beach: Morling 6; Foreman 3; Cosgrove, Kickett 2; Raymond 1.
Best – North Beach: Morling, Traeger, Cosgrove, Hogg, Ewen.
Clipstar D1-Reserves
Whitford 3.3 6.8 8.11 10.16 76
North Beach 2.2 4.2 6.4 10.4 64
Goals – North Beach: Holdman, Mirabile 3; French 2; Ferreri, Mahoney 1.
Best – North Beach: Ferreri, Holdman, Mahoney, Mirabile.
Pana’s Pool Supplies E2-Grade
Wanneroo 2.1 2.3 5.4 9.7 61
North Beach 1.5 3.8 7.10 8.12 60
Goals – North Beach: Keeley, Cole 2; Elliott, Pike, Barwick 1.
Best – North Beach: Phi, Barwick, Pike.