So close to a sweep!


Luke Hendricks…a strong performer

By Gary Stocks

So close to a clean sweep of all seven grades for the first time this season, yet so far.

North Beach teams excelled in all grades across the weekend, winning in every division at myriad venues, except for the G-Grade who were beaten by just 16 points.

The A-Grade side scored a comprehensive and disciplined victory against Stirling, marching to an 81-point triumph on the back of a dominant display across all lines and some reliable finishing in front of goal.

While Shane Paap executed brilliantly in front of goal, creating many opportunities with his strong marking, a feature of the team performance was the fact that there were 12 individual goal scorers.

Luke Hendricks and Anthony “Chooka” Ingham were outstanding defensively while ruckman Alex Hack provided the band of running midfielders first use of the footy, something that Kyle Riemann, Matt O’Donnell and Matt Power were only too keen to capitalise upon.

Lee  Brooks was also a strong contributor in his 100th game for the club.

The victory gives the Beach an amazing 10-point cushion at the top of the table, but the seniors face an intriguing challenge against the emerging University combination at UWA Sports Ground this Saturday.

The A-Reserves continued their campaign for a place in the top three with a convincing 91-point demolition of Stirling, setting the agenda for the day by holding their opponents scoreless in the opening term.

They ensured that club stalwart Chris Gooch celebrated his 200-game milestone in memorable fashion, the big man finishing off a memorable day with a couple of goals.

Ben Wilson put pressure on for a recall to the seniors with a five-goal effort as a key forward while Tim Langsford was also under notice throughout. Michael Pratt will be looking for his team to further consolidate against Uni this weekend.

The consistently strong E-Grade team, which has lost just once and is in third position in a competition dominated by three clubs, again chalked up four points against Hammersley-Carine at Carine Open Space.

After a slow start which saw the Beach post a goal-less first quarter, coach Kane Kunen snapped his boys into action, and they kicked 10 goals to four thereafter to win by 32 points.

Sam Keeley was again a reliable avenue to goal with seven goals while Jason Plant and Daniel Johnson were dangerous and Brent Stockden produced an outstanding four-quarter effort. Simon Lorimer and Jason Vry were also important in the victory.  

The E-Reserves jumped into the top six, leap-frogging their opponents on the ladder, by carving out an important 20-point victory against Hammersley-Carine.

Hayden French and Nathanial Gregoire kicked five of the Beach’s eight goals while Scott Rauschenberger , Yannick Siegwart, Shaun Reynolds, Chris McComiskie, Michael Plowman and Rowan Abbott were all important in the success.

Unfortunately, the G-Grade went down to Stirling in a tight contest despite the best efforts of Charlie Black, Chris Powell, Aaron Bartel, Jay Carroll and Tim Dorogi.

The Phil Scott Colts moved two games clear in fifth position after a solid six-goal win against Stirling.

After a sluggish and goal-less first quarter, the Beach attacked the ball with more vigour, found reliable targets up forward in Josh Barber and Chris Mead, who kicked seven goals between them, and assumed control through the middle.

Josh Stott was again outstanding while Mitch Christie excelled on a wing, Matt Irvine patrolled the half-back line with authority and Reese Thompson produced a typical hard-nosed effort in the midfield.

Just as the senior sides face a challenge against University this week, the Phil Scott colts will be looking to beat the students to galvanise their finals position.

The Brett Jones Colts scored an over-due win after again leaving the door ajar against Melville after being unable to convert some hard-earned opportunities in front of goal.

Jarrad McMorran continues to excel in the ruck and again gave the midfield players first use of the ball, while Ross Holdman was resolute at centre half-back and both Mark Foreman and Mark Langsford benefitted from the opportunity of extra ground time, coming back from the Phil Scott Division.

Scott Berry was also efficient in the back half while Jordan Kickett was ubiquitous both through the midfield and up forward when pushed to the goal square.

Finals are still a possibility for the Brett Jones colts and they will be looking to establish some consistency in coming weeks.

North Beach       5.3          10.4        16.7        20.10     130
Stirling                  0.0            3.1          5.3            7.7          49
Goals – North Beach: Paap 5; Witheridge, Jarvis, Brooks, O’Donnell 2; Perkin, Hendriks, Power, Brennan,R McComiskie, Riemann, Bryan 1.
Best – North Beach: Hendricks, Ingham, Hack, Brooks, Riemann.

North Beach       4.8          7.9          8.11        17.14     116
Stirling                  0.0          1.1          4.1             4.1           25
Goals – North Beach: Wilson 5; Wattleworth, Chapman 3; S Holbrook, Gooch 2; McGinnity, McEvoy 1.
Best – North Beach: Gooch, T Langsford, Wilson.

North Beach       0.4          5.7          7.8          10.10     70
Hammersley      2.1           2.1           4.2             6.2        38
Goals – North Beach: Keeley 7; Plant, Wheeler, Johnson 1.
Best – North Beach: Stockden, Lorimer, Plant, Keeley, Vry, Johnson.

North Beach 8.7 (55) defeated Hammersley-Carine 5.5 (35)
Goals – North Beach: French 3; Gregoire 2; Dye, C McComiskie, Abbott 1.
Best – Rauthenberger, Siegwart, Reynolds, C McComiskie, Plowman, Abbott.

North Beach 4.5 (29) lost to Stirling 5.18 (48)
Best – North Beach: Powell, Black, Bartel, Carroll, Dorogi.

Phil Scott Colts
North Beach       0.1          4.2          8.3          13.4        86
Stirling                  2.1          3.2          5.3          7.4         46
Goals – North Beach: Barber 4; Mead 3; Carmody, Stott 2; Clark, Antonelli 1.
Best – North Beach: Stott, Christie, Mead, Irvine, Thompson.

Brett Jones Colts
North Beach       0.4          3.8          6.8          10.10     70
Melville                0.1          3.2          5.8            6.8        44
Goals – North Beach: Dye, Foreman, Kickett 2; Berry, DeRooster, Elsegood, McMorran.
Best – North Beach: McMorran, Holdman, Foreman, M Langsford, Dye.