Some Wins Better Than Others

By Gary Stocks

Nothing compares to the elation of victory, but some triumphs are better than others.

And beating Scarborough is always satisfying, even more so on their deck at Millington Reserve.

That was the case last Saturday as an O’Rourke Realty North Beach A-Grade outfit, still fighting through the challenges of the pandemic, carved out an impressive 44-point win last Saturday – 15.7 (97) to 7.11 (53).

After a sluggish start, the Beach worked through the gears and produced a blistering second half, where they kicked nine goals to two in emphasising their control.

Again, it was a mix of the more senior players and those aiming to establish themselves in the A-Grade team, with seasoned campaigners Chris BottechiaKyle Cranley and Matt Holden setting the standard, with emerging players following the example.

Ben Johnson was ubiquitous up forward where his defensive pressure was just as important as his three goals, Liam Catalfamo continues to build his form and Chris Wells again stood out with his poise and polish.

Conversely the Lifenet A-Reserves could not sustain the effort against Scarborough and lost by 14 points. When the opposition took their game up a notch the Beach lost touch, going down 5.4 (34) to 7.6 (48).

It was a tough assignment for them with the entire coaching staff in isolation at home – not to mention several key senior players.
Momentum ebbed and flowed throughout before Scarborough, who are undefeated, surged to the line.

The Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts responded to a solid week on the track where skill execution was a major focus as they overwhelmed Scarborough.

After an even first quarter, the Beach started to assert their superiority around the contested ball where Josh Moses was exceptional and after the quarter-time break they kicked 10 goals to four on the way to a strong victory – 12.11 (83) to 6.2 (38).

Cody Connell was also enthusiastic and destructive while Luis CaccamoHarrison Baxter and Harper Baron-Hay also made significant contributions to help the Beach get on top of their opponents. Riley Sparks was dangerous too, finishing with three goals.

O’Rourke Realty A-Grade
North Beach      1.1         6.2         12.4       15.7       97
Scarborough      2.4         5.5         6.7        7.11      53
Goals – North Beach: Johnson 3; Saunders, Garcia, Bottechia 2; Webster, Catalfamo, Cranley, E Brooks.
Best – North Beach: Bottechia, Johnson, Catalfamo, C Wells, Cranley, Holden.

Lifenet A-Reserves
Scarborough      2.1         2.5         3.6         7.6         48
North Beach      2.1         3.2         4.3         5.4         34
Goals – North Beach: –
Best – North Beach: Mackenzie, Sweeny, Canty, Hoitis, J Chapman.

Plasterwise Phil Scott Colts
North Beach      2.3         8.5         9.9         12.11    83
Scarborough      2.1         2.1         4.1           6.2       38
Goals – North Beach: R Sparks 3; O’Shea, Connell, Drobnjak 2; Coutas, Cameron, Moses.
Best – North Beach: Moses, Connell, Caccamo, Baxter, Barron-Hay.

Soldiers Step Up To Challenge

One soldier, in this case the general, goes down and another steps up.

Coach Glen Hinkley might not have been available for duty on Saturday, and neither was his able lieutenant Matt Seaton, but in their absence a trio of coaches chipped in to organise the troops while Riley Hinkley led from the front on the battlefield.

In a re-match of last year’s grand finalists, the Beach produced an irresistible third quarter surge that set the Hybrid Linings C4-Grade on the path to a commanding victory over Trinity-Aquinas – 16.14 (110) to 5.4 (34).

Aside from Riley Hinkley who rucked all day, Ben Tindall was solid in defence and offered strong rebound while Marc Crisp showed his class through the midfield, Liam Hunter was energetic on a wing and Mitch Cameron grabbed another five-goal haul.

The Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves also demonstrated a high level of resilience in securing victory against the Boomers – 16.6 (106) to 12.5 (77).

After setting the game up in the first three quarters, the effort understandably tailed off a little with three players backing up to support the C4-Grade and limited preparation affecting others.

Zane Persichitti was outstanding on the wing and really helped drive the Beach offence throughout the game.

James Steffenson and Matthew Lewis crumbed terrifically to Jaxon Lloyd and Luke Kuppens who provided really strong targets down forward. Liam Vardy rucked all day and had a real captain’s game after being announced as the skipper for the year prior to the game.

Returning to Charles Riley Reserve the Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts took on Trinity Aquinas and knew we had a challenge on our hands, armed with only 19 players and that a huge effort would be required.

A six-goal first quarter set up the game, led by Peter Jolley who kicked four of them and he was outstanding in front of goal all day, finishing a neat half dozen.

The midfield was dominant once again, combining smooth skills with brutal body work around contests, Tom Bristow-Stagg and Brodie Everett dominated the ruck all day and allowed the ground level players to feed off their tap work.

Seb Claite and James Logan were impassable in defence and helped to produce a victory that emphasised the North Beach spirit and heart.

The Beyond Tools E1-Grade had now all-too-common influx and exodus with 19 changes from round three to four, to tackle the Whitford third grade team.

The pre-match build-up was more like a speed dating exercise as players introduced to each other before doing battle with Warriors.
After a competitive first half the Beach fell away, Whitford enduring 15.8 (98) to 7.2 (44).

An electric second quarter, when the Beach kicked four goals, showed the capacity to compete, but it faded thereafter.

Brodie Vance was awesome through midfield with his never-say-die attitude while Josh Stillitano was also physical through the middle.

After Michael Bramley went down in the first quarter, Brody Hinkley was inspiring as a makeshift ruckman, while Bramley still booted four goals after straining his calf.

Michael Fullarton down back was exceptional under constant fire and Rich Conroy kicked a few providing a target up forward.

The GJ Osplumb E4-Grade felt the full weight of the pandemic as they struggled to get rolling against Jandakot, who won 20.14 (134) to 6.2 (38). The positive was a strong finish to the game despite the overwhelming odds they confronted.

Hybrid Linings C4-Grade
North Beach      3.3         10.9       12.10    16.14    110
Trinity Aquinas 2.1         3.2           5.4         5.4         34
Goals – North Beach: M Cameron 5; Cooper 3; J Cameron, Seidner 2; Crisp, Rollo, Rose.
Best – North Beach: Hinkley, Tindall, Crisp, Hunter, M Cameron, Cooper.

Beast Carpet Cleaning C4-Reserves
North Beach      4.4         9.4         13.6       16.6       106
Trinity Aquinas 1.1         4.2         7.3        12.5       77
Goals – North Beach: Steffenson 4; Lewis 3; Lloyd, Vozzo 2; Stevens, Kerman, Sisarich, Dunjey.
Best – North Beach: Persichitti, Steffenson, Vardy, Lloyd, Kuppens, Lewis.

Indian Ocean Hotel Brett Jones Colts
North Beach 12.12 (84) def Trinity Aquinas 5.3 (33)
Goals – North Beach: Jolley 6; P Rose, Simpson, J Smith, Payne, R Rose, Pullinger.
Best – North Beach: Nicholls, Claite, Jolley, P Rose, Logan, Everett.

Beyond Tools E1-Grade
Whitford            4.2         6.4         11.6       15.8       98
North Beach      0.0         4.1         5.1          7.2       44
Goals – North Beach: Bramley 4.
Best – North Beach: Vance, Stillitano, Bramley, B Hinkley, Conroy.

GJ Osplumb E4-Grade
Jandakot            7.5         13.8       16.11    20.14    134
North Beach      0.0         2.0          3.1         6.2       38

Women Remain Unbowed

The Synkro North Beach A-Grade continued their impressive start to the season with another quality performance last Saturday, overcoming Cottesloe 9.11 (65) to 5.0 (30).

After Cottesloe led at quarter time, where their goal-front accuracy was a factor, the Beach controlled play there-after, evidenced through the number of scoring shots.

Again, captain Clare Dickson was at the forefront with Tessa Anderson, while Shannon Matthews carried her good form forward and kicked three goals, along with Lana Turner who was always dangerous.

The C4-Grade set the standard for the day with another gritty display, winning 4.3 (27) to 2.2 (14) in a game that became a literal arm wrestle after half-time, largely because of the negative tactics deployed by the opposition.

While Cottesloe lacked skill, they hunted both ball and opponent, making for an in-close and scrappy opening, that saw the Beach’s talent shine through with two goals in the opening term.

Following a good start, we had a lapse in intensity through the middle part of the quarter allowing Cot to even up the scores with 2 quick goals. But the Beach adjusted on field and wrestled momentum back with two of their own to hold the advantage at the half.

The Beach’s defensive efforts have been first class in that we have repelled most attacks and the feedback is the support and direction on field has been fantastic.

Synkro A-Grade Women
North Beach      2.1         5.5         7.8         9.11       65
Cottesloe            3.0         3.0         3.0         5.0         30
Goals – North Beach: Matthews, Turner 3; Maynard 2; Peacock.
Best – North Beach: Turner, Dickson, Matthews, Anderson, Maynard.

North Beach      2.1         4.1         4.2         4.3         27
Cottesloe            0.1         2.2         2.2         2.2         14
Goals – North Beach: DelFante, Kuenen, Kavanagh, Edwards.
Best – North Beach: Catterall, Kavanagh, Camer-Pesci, Donaldson, Campbell.

Beach Takes It Up To Roos

By Steve Cuzens


One of the foundation clubs of the Perth Football League Integrated competition, Kingsway, proved too strong for North Beach in perfect conditions at Kingsway Reserve last Saturday – winning by 28 points.

The Roos have been a force in the competition from the outset, but the Beach was brave and took the game up to them.

It was Kingsway’s fast start, kicking four goals straight that proved to be the difference on the day. It was a very even contest for the balance of the match.

Panna may regret interfering with coach Cuzens’ backline match ups that resulted in two unanswered goals!

Regardless the dogged backline, despite being under pressure early, rebounded many forward attacks thanks to some brilliant work from Ben MorleyNick Hart and Max Letiza.

After quarter time several players lifted, with results starting to show on the scoreboard. Dylan Pottinger was taking control in the ruck. Reece McIntyre and Chris Willers were very effective at both ends of the ground. Mailley Kelley was lively on the forward line and kicked two terrific goals.

Lily Goedsir used her full 10 meters to kick her first goal of the season. Warren Read and Conner Rowan both opened their goal tally for season 2022.

There were some great signs of general improvement from various individuals. Panna’s main theme of the day was to pick up the ball and a number of players that have been a bit hesitant in the past took it on board. Jeremy HugginsWarren ReadRyan Plummer and Callum Goodlet all were keen to be first to pick up the ball.

Both coaches need to be commended as this game was played with tremendous spirit and fair play. Every player on both teams had the opportunity to use the ball. The sense of good sportsmanship from players on both sides was what made this game so special.

Bouquet – to Maria Scurria for standing in as Team Manager.
Brickbat – Stuart Curry for being late with the Board at quarter time.

Grange Residential I-Grade
Kingsway defeated North Beach
Goals – North Beach: Willers, Kelley 2; Goedsir, Read, Rowan 1.
Best – North  Beach: McIntyre, Willers, Morley, Hart, Goedsir, Plummer.