The Last Hurrah – July 13th

North Beach’s fixture against Wesley Curtin on the 13th of July marks your last chance to say goodbye to Charles Riley reserve as you know it.

Regardless of how the North Beach Football club has been a part of your life, there is sure to be some fond irreplaceable memory of the run down club-rooms.

For 200+ game players, it may be sitting on the change-room patchjob bench, listening to Bill Duckworth give a pre-game pump before a home final.

For the North Beach ladies it may be  getting dragged on to the dirty carpet known as the North Beach dance floor after too many club priced white wines.

There is the struggling to stand scoreboard which has proudly displayed positive North Beach results for years. There is the attempt at a club gym where blokes spend Thursdays and Saturdays pushing gear aside to get strapped and rubbed. There is the beer and bourbon filled bar which has fueled the banter amongst past and present players.

But whether you have walked through the bashed-up doors of the Charles Riley clubrooms, once or a thousand times. Whether you have watched on from the clubroom verandah as an injured player or as a faithful fan. There is an indescribable feeling of ‘home’ at the North Beach Football Clubrooms. There is a history of success and a culture of mateship which stands strong even if the walls might not.  It is these intangible qualities that will not be demolished has we make room for the new home of the North Beach Tigers.

Round 13, the Tigers run out on from those time-tested club-rooms for the last time. Two days later we hand over the keys and the construction process for the new facility begins. The club is calling players, supporters, friends and family to get down and watch the the final games against Wesley Curtin.

The same Saturday will be the final social function in the club-rooms. Kicking off as usual after awards, this goodbye party should not be missed by any of the ‘Beach’ faithful/

-Club DJs mixing music all night. – DJ BENNNNNYYYY DEEEROSSSSAAAA and DJ NEON DION

-Cheap club priced drinks

-Many laughs and good times.


More details in regards to a potential theme for this big night will be posted soon.  Until then invite your friends to this event and lock the date away for a night that isn’t to be missed.